BellSouth Prevails in Conflict over Internet Obligations

In a victory for BellSouth Corp., the FCC has ruled that state regulators cannot require incumbent phone companies to provide high-speed Internet access to a customer over the same network that a rival uses to provide voice services. In an order released Friday, the FCC said the state rulings are inconsistent with federal rules and […]

New Optimism Prevails as TRA ‘Rides the Wave’

Posted: 07/1999 New Optimism Prevails as TRA ‘Rides the Wave’ By Ken Branson Last year, it was a little survivalist," says Telecommunications Resellers Association (TRA) President Ernie Kelly, referring to the mood at the TRA gathering in Orlando, Fla., last fall. "This year, it looks a little better. … The opponents of competition are running […]

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