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Net Neutrality: The Battle Lines Are Drawn

The most vocal arguments for and against net neutrality border on the ridiculous. Policymakers should follow the lead of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and Senator Al Franken in trying to find a balanced solution.

Obama to FCC on Net Neutrality: Ban Paid Prioritization

In a statement, the president said the FCC also should prevent ISPs from blocking websites or services, ban them from “throttling” or slowing down content, and require certain disclosures under “transparency” rules that were upheld by a federal appeals court.

Will Wheeler Get the FCC Back on Track?

America needs an FCC that is willing and able to address the rapidly changing environment of telecommunications and IP communications can Thomas Wheeler make that happen?

IT Job Market Shrinking

Statistics from an international consulting firm show that the IT job market shrank by 6,600 jobs last month and that the number of IT jobs added in July has been adjusted from what was first thought to be 12,400, down to 3,200.

IT Job Growth Slows, Though CIOs Anticipate Hiring Next Year

The jobs reports was released one day after President Obama rallied his party in a speech at the Democratic National Convention, seeking to convince the American people that the country was moving in the right direction economicallly.

Obama Deals a Blow to the Channel, Likely to Stall Sales

Lets set aside the conspiracy theories regarding controlling the country under martial law, denying the American people access to news sources, and more. This represents a threat to all businesses during an emergency and sales of cloud-based services.

FCC Veterans Nominated by Obama to Commission

Pending confirmation, Jessica Rosenworcel and Ajit Varadaraj Pai would replace veteran FCC Commissioner Michael C. Copps and fill the post previously held by Meredith Attwell Baker, who left earlier this year to work for Comcast.

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