MegaPath Debuts Call Center Premium

The advanced service is designed to expand the company’s call-center solutions to support environments ranging from basic to complex.

Tangoe Releases CommCare

Tangoe Inc. has released CommCare managed services, which manage all processes associated with fixed, mobile and converged communications. CommCare services are built upon Tangoes patented technologies and are available to corporations as an ASP model in three pre-packaged component layers ¬ Base, Enhanced and Premium. These layers deliver increasing amounts of functionality and are capable […]

InPhonex Adds Options to VarPhonex Program

VoIP service provider InPhonex has made some changes to its VarPhonex reseller program, the company said on Tuesday. The company, which offers small businesses a turnkey VoIP reseller-in-a-box solution, has added several new options. The first is the InPhonex LiteLine, which offers pay-as-you-go calling with an incoming number starting at $7.95 per month. VarPhonex also […]

Bango, mBlox Partner

Bango, the mobile content enabler, and mBlox, a mobile transaction network, have announced a global collaboration to deliver an integrated content billing solution. By integrating the mBlox billing platform with Bangos browse-and-buy technology, users get a portal style payment experience for mobile content even though the underlying billing mechanism is Premium SMS. When content is […]

DCI Voice Solutions Expands Least-Cost Routing Tables

DCI Voice Solutions (Booth 612) announced it has expanded its Least-Cost Routing Table to include additional routing capabilities in response to a wide range of client quality and pricing requirements. The new tables, referred to as DCILCR, offer clients comprehensive access to multiple carriers through five specialty routing products: Select, Premium and Economy Domestic, and […]

Google, EarthLink Bid on SF Wi-Fi

Google Inc. and EarthLink have submitted a joint proposal to provide city-wide Wi-Fi in San Francisco. Their bid includes free access with 300kbps downstream and online advertising, along with a 1mbps ad-free premium service offered for $20 per month. The implementation will be a public-private partnership, and San Francisco will capitalize on the online advertising […]


AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 – FEB. 18) Aquarians, Aquarians. Wherefore art thou, Aquarians? The Aquarian craving to be original and inventive no doubt stems from Aquarius ruling planet, Uranus. Whereas celestial bodies usually are named after figures in classical mythology, the moons of Uranus, numbering nearly 30, get their monikers from the writings of William Shakespeare […]

Beyond Cheap Long-Distance

Efficiency, feature-rich service offerings, increased revenue - for a carrier, VoIP’s triple-pronged value proposition is the same no matter where in the world it’s being used. But for calling-card dealers reselling cheap international termination on a prepaid basis, VoIP primarily has been a way to shave more pennies off rates. As prepaid traffic continues to grow, […]

Lending Voice to Ethernet

The LAN protocol Ethernet long ago infiltrated the metro as service providers sought to provide seamless data networks to their enterprise customers. Now, those same networks are being updated to handle the QoS requirements of voice and video. BellSouth Interconnection Services, for example, filed a tariff in April for an enhanced wholesale metro Ethernet service […]

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