Palm Ripe for Takeover as Analysts Slash Ratings?

Is Palm Inc. (PALM) ripe for a takeover? The company on Tuesday suffered a serious stock drop as analysts cut the mobile device maker’s ratings and pointed out its dwindling cash reserves. As Palm struggles to find its footing in an incredibly competitive market, its best option may be to merge with a stronger rival. The […]

Report: Palm to Cut Jobs Amid Poor Pre Sales

Well, it looks like the Palm Pre isn’t quite doing its job of rejuvenating Palm Inc., what with Verizon Wireless saying it doesn’t want it and its price tag being chopped in half by Wal-Mart. The latest is a report (see below) that Palm will be making new job cuts in light of dismal sales […]

Smartphones: Can You Spell G-L-U-T?

Device-makers are ramping up volumes for the second half of 2009, and while that’s good news for consumers it’s not necessarily a good thing for the industry. That’s the conclusion of a research note today from analyst Ashok Kumar, of Collins Stewart (as reported by Tech Trader Daily, on Barron’s). Noting that Motorola Inc. (MOT) and […]

Palm Keeps Getting Its Mojo Back With SDK

Palm Inc. is wasting no time in jumpstarting its applications strategy for its new mobile operating system known as webOS, and for the new Palm Pre device. It has some details of Mojo, an application framework that lets developers use HTML5, CSS and Javascript tools to create applications for webOS. Mojo is in private pre-release […]

New Palm Is Garnering Positive Feedback

The Palm Pre and the new Palm OS need to be not just good, but great, in order to pull Palm Inc. back from the brink of obsolescence. And fortunately for Palm, reviewers are generating some positive buzz. Engadget even called it “quite a bit more revolutionary than the iPhone.” That’s a good sign. The […]

With the Pre, Sprint, Palm Hope to Help Each Other

It’s heeeeeere. The Palm-tergeist, that is. But is it enough to scare Research in Motion Ltd. and Apple Inc.? We refer, of course, to the new Linux-based mobile OS unveiled Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show by Palm Inc.. It’s officially called webOS — it was previously code-named Nova — and it’s meant to, as […]

Qwest Adds Associate Partner Level to QBPP

Qwest Communications International Inc. has announced the soft launch of its Associate Partner level as part of its Qwest Business Partner Program. The new tier requires a minimum sales commitment of $25,000 in monthly billed revenue. Qwest Associate Partners will sell Qwest business products and services, and get support from the carriers pre- and post-sales […]

Should You Recommend IP Telephony?

Anyone listening too casually to industry hype for the past few years might have the mistaken belief that implementing an IP telephony system is some sort of holy grail, an answer to a myriad of problems cost savings issues being chief among them. While its true that IP telephony offers impressive benefits for some companies, […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: channel news

Posted: 3/2004 channel news PRE Solutions Expands Offerings PRE Solutions Inc. is expanding its product suite to include customized gift card programs from Valutec Card Solutions to their retail replenishment partners. PRE Solutions is rolling out its first gift card launch to Miller Mart. The cards will be offered in $10, $25, $50 and $100 […]

channel news

Posted: 12/2003 channel news Dancris Selects ITXC for Network Outsource Solution International voice carrier ITXC Corp. and facilities-based international carrier Dancris Telecom recently announced their outsourcing deal. Dancris will outsource its primary international routes to ITXC for highquality call completion over ITXCs global Voice over IP network, ITXC says its VoIP network could reach […]

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