TNCI Reveals Local Solutions Program

TNCI (Booths 600-605) announces innovations in local solutions with increased earning potential for agents and new price protections for customers. In response to the most recent FCC and Supreme Court regulatory events affecting the control and pricing of local service, TNCI has announced the Local Solutions Program designed to protect its agent partners from potentially […]


Satellite resale might be the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle of broadband technology. Adding satellite to their portfolios allows resellers to put together a total network for businesses especially chain restaurants, hotels, motels and gas stations with remote locations and other needs that DSL, cable and other technologies cant meet. “Of the more than […]

Telecom Consumer Protection Seminar Flags Potential Pitfalls

Posted: 8/2003 Telecom Consumer Protection Seminar Flags Potential Pitfalls By James M. Smith "We establish policies that encourage entry into the marketplace, firms compete based on price and service quality, and consumers make choices that maximize their welfare. In the end, some firms succeed and some might fail," summed up FCC Commissioner Kathleen Q. Abernathy […]

Optical Delusions:

Posted: 2/2003 Optical Delusions: Wavelengths Slow to Reach Potential By Khali Henderson YOU KNOW THOSE FIREWORKS that shoot way up in the sky, explode with a bang and then literally fizzle out? They are a little like wavelength services. They had a bright future when they burst on the scene four years ago — analysts […]


Posted: 05/2002 Briefs GuardianCam Inc. has launched an agent program to help roll out an Internet viewing product created to monitor childcare centers. The viewing system, purchased by daycare providers, allows parents to view their enrolled children on demand, throughout the day, via the web. For parents, it gives peace of mind about a child’s […]

Potential Bell Merger with a Big 3 IXC

Posted: 05/2002 Potential Bell Merger with a Big 3 IXC“Over the next few years we’ll see the merging of local and long-distance companies, but this time it won’t be so threatening to regulators, and they won’t be blocked. Over the next year or two, local and long-distance companies will start to offer the same kinds […]

Wholesale: eYak ‘eSees’ Potential in Wholesale IP Platform

Posted: 12/2000 eYak ‘eSees’ Potential in Wholesale IP Platform By Khali Henderson eYak Inc. (www.eyak.com) announced the availability of its eSee Conferencing, the first enhanced service the wholesaler plans to offer over its new IP platform. CEO and founder David Friend says it will be built on unprecedented scale–100,000 ports–and offered at unprecedented price points. […]

DSL Promises Still May Be Kept

Posted: 11/2000 DSL Promises Still May Be Kept We are hearing it repeatedly. DSL may not be the be-all, end-all for faster service. The promises during the past few years of meeting the need for speed among Internet users have failed, because in most instances DSL has not been provisioned. While carriers continue to say […]

Accessing the Potential of IP Telephony

Posted: 10/2000 Accessing the Potential of IP Telephony By Terrence Skemer In the last two years, major carriers have announced significant spending on packet-based core networks. Verizon Commu-nications’ (www.verizon.com) billion-dollar investment in metropolitan data networks and SBC Communication Inc.’s (www.sbc.com) $6 billion packet-based buildout are two examples of this trend. These new network buildouts are […]

Collection Challenge Stymies Payphone Potential

Posted: 09/2000 Collection Challenge Stymies Payphone Potential By Vincent Sandusky Someday soon, almost everyone, from mainstream consumers to high-end businesspeople, will have the opportunity to fulfill nearly any telecommunications need, from buying a movie ticket to participating in a videoconference, just about anywhere. And they will be able to do this with a high-tech device […]

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