CRM Meets Revenue Assurance

Posted: 2/2004 1. Sales qualifies each request through a single interface, consolidated product catalog and required data fields. 2. The system determines who needs to be involved, what information to send them and synthesizes their input into a proposed solution. 3. Economic models are automatically populated with product, service, location, requested pricing and allowable pricing […]

Agents: The Skys the Limit

Posted: 2/2004 Agents: The Skys the Limit By Cara Polinski As satellite technology matures and stands toe-to-toe with terrestrial services, channel partners increasingly are interested in adding satellite solutions to their portfolios. Broad Sky Networks formed in 2003 as a 100 percent channel-focused broadband and mobile office solutions provider. Broad Sky aimed to be the […]

CAN-SPAM Offers Recipe for E-marketing

Posted: 2/2004 CAN-SPAM Offers Recipe for E-marketing By David O. Klein, Esq., and John T. Um, Esq. After what seemed to be a never-ending pause, a federal law regulating unsolicited commercial e-mail finally was enacted. On Dec. 16, 2003, President Bush signed into law the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of […]

Mpower Shares the Wealth

Posted: 2/2004 Mpower Shares the Wealth By Tara Seals The boom might not quite be back, but the bust just might be fading into memory. In a move reminiscent of the high-flying 90s, Mpower Communications Corp. has launched a new equity program for its agents based on stock warrants. The program, which launched in December, […]

If I Had $1.7 Billion…

Posted: 2/2004 If I Had $1.7 Billion… By H. Russell Frisby Jr. Imagine for a moment you have more than $1.7 billion. What would you spend it on? If you were the Bell companies BellSouth Corp., SBC Communications Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. you would collectively use the bulk of those funds to pay fines […]

We Have to Do Better

Posted: 1/2004 We Have to Do Better I finally switched my local phone service. I had been courted by several vendors, but for no particular reason relented when AT&T called. The savings were not significant about $8 off the calling plan I had with Qwest. So, I was getting unlimited local plus long distance and […]

Americas Latest Export: Phone Numbers

Posted: 1/2004 Americas Latest Export: Phone Numbers By Khali Henderson A decade ago, exporting U.S. dial tone stoked the fires of international telecom competition, helping to spur lower rates, if not competition, in nations with state-run telecom infrastructures. Today, one company, New Global Telecom, is exporting a different U.S. commodity telephone numbers. But, will this […]

The Race to All-Packet

Posted: 1/2004 The Race to All-Packet By Tara Seals In the rush to be market leaders and prime movers, U.S. carriers household name, big brand players now are competing for top prize in a new competition: voice over IP. With every RBOC announcing imminent rollouts of VoIP services and the likes of AT&T Corp. and […]

International Traffic Changes Lanes

Posted: 1/2004 International Traffic Changes Lanes By Khali Henderson The wholesale international termination business is far different from the days of bilateral agreements between incumbent operators. These deals do exist and remain the foundation for worldwide traffic exchange, but the introduction of mobile and VoIP players are changing the landscape not only the sources for […]

A Price Too High

Posted: 12/2003 A Price Too High BellSouth Corp. and AT&T Corp. merger talks broke down in late October because BellSouth said the $19 billion price tag for the long-distance giant was too high. I have to admit I breathed a sigh of relief on this one. I thought the price was too high, too, but […]

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