This is the first issue of PHONE+ since the massacre at Virginia Tech some 45 days after the event. I point this out on purpose because the monthly magazine cycle stands in sharp contrast to electronic journalism. But even TV and online dailies are no match for the youwitness variety that characterized the most recent […]

Motorola to Cut an Additional 4,000 Jobs.

Motorola Inc. said Wednesday it is cutting an additional 4,000 jobs. The move is in an effort to cut costs and return to profitability, and Motorola said in a statement it would save $600 million next year as a result. The company also said it would tighten general and administrative expenses. The mobile phone maker […]

MCI Consumer Sales Continue Decline

MCI Inc., the phone company whos at the center of a bidding war between Qwest Communications International Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc., on Friday posted an annual net loss of $3.89 billion and said it expected revenue this year to decline by 10 percent to 14 percent. Annual revenue at MCI dropped 15 percent to […]

FCC Rules on Fiber Builds to Apartments

Posted: 9/2004 FCC Rules on Fiber Builds to Apartments By Josh Long The FCC says the biggest local phone companies building fiber networks to predominantly residential multi-unit buildings don’t have to lease the infrastructure to rivals. The ruling comes in the wake of the commission’s Triennial Review Order last year, which freed incumbent phone companies […]

Will Diversification Save Universal Access?

With a stock price hovering around $1 and a disclosure that its auditor has expressed doubt about the company’s ability to continue, Universal Access Global Holdings Inc. has seen better days. The company warned in regulatory filings it might be forced to seek bankruptcy court protection if it cannot raise capital or improve its operations. […]

Resale is a Real Business

Posted: 7/2004 Resale is a Real Business As I write this, it’s just a few hours before the network-sharing rules issued in the FCC’s Triennial Review Order last August are vacated. It’s the beginning of the end for UNE-P - a platform that has supported the entry of competitive local service providers over the past several […]

Virtual Peering Speeds Connectivity

Posted: 3/2004 Virtual Peering Speeds Connectivity By Khali Henderson A new service is emerging to allow carriers to peer even when they arent in the same physical location. First advanced last fall by Switch and Data, the so-called virtual peering concept speeds carrier-to-carrier connectivity within a given metro by allowing them to connect at one […]

Service Provider Confidence Index – Sage Gauge

Posted: 3/2004 SAGE GAUGE The Sage Research Inc. January 2004 index of service provider confidence in current conditions dipped slightly for the second period in a row. The January 2004 index of current service provider conditions fell 0.8 points from its November level, and is off 1.6 points from the September high of 47.8. The […]

Do You Know Where Your SMBs Are?

Posted: 3/2004 Do You Know Where Your SMBs Are? Or who they are talking to? Qwest is offering small businesses unlimited long distance for $20 a month. I got the sales call seeking my home office usage. Compared to what I am paying now with MCI, its less than half and sometimes as much as […]

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