Reinventing the Back Office Post UNE-P

TEN YEARS AFTER THE TELECOM Act of 1996 brought competition to the local loop, FCC deregulation of UNE-P rates is forcing CLECs to reinvent themselves with facilities, VoIP or a high-volume margin resale strategy. As the March deadline for ending legacy UNE-P contracts approaches, vendors are catering to the segment with tailored solutions to ease […]

Technologies Management Inc. Announces

Technologies Management Inc. (TMI Booth 710), has developed for telecom companies to post rates, terms and conditions on the Internet. The electronic posting of tariff or price list information is required by the FCC and various state commissions. The company says allows telecom companies to post rates, terms and conditions via several, secure […]


Posted: 3/2004 Transition Joan Sklar Former wholesale executive Joan Sklar, 53, died Jan. 2, 2004, after a 13-year battle with breast cancer. Sklar retired from her post as vice president of wholesale services for ITS/iTelsa in 1998 due to her illness. Her telecom career spanned nearly two decades and included work for long distance, operator […]

Trading Post – Where Has Bandwidth Trading Been? Where Is It Now?

Posted: 07/2001 Trading Post Where Has Bandwidth Trading Been? Where Is It Now? A: During the past two years, confusion has grown regarding what “Bandwidth Trading” is. To discuss the bandwidth trading market and its development, it’s first necessary to define it precisely. Hence, bandwidth trading is the utilization of tools in the marketplace to […]

Trading Desk – Trading Post with Derrick Parkhill

Posted: 05/2001 Trading Desk Trading Post This month’s telecom Q&A, with Derrick Parkhill, vice president of Amerex Bandwidth. Q: What Is the Role of Telecom’s Large Debt Obligations in Bandwidth Trading Development? A: The looming debt issue is perhaps the one single thing that may force the hand of the telecoms that have, to date, […]

Trading Desk – Trading Post

Posted: 04/2001 Trading Desk Trading Post What are the Differences Between IP, Bandwidth Trading? A: With IP transit you actually are buying or selling Internet transit, specifically, access to and through the Internet. Bandwidth trading refers to circuits or networks of dark or lit fiber, primarily from one point to another. Here are key questions […]

Trading Desk: Trading Post

Posted: 02/2001 Trading Post What can exchanges do to prevent looping? The key to preventing carrier looping is maintaining a global presence and creating liquidity. Looping refers to a phone call where the transmission path traverses an ocean or continent in order to be switched and returned to the same city. Looping is generally viewed […]

Trading Post

Posted: 01/2001 Trading Post What Does an Online Exchange Do? While most offer quality metrics, billing services and clearinghouse functions, each exchange has a very different solution to each of these components. The big value-add common to most exchanges is that with a single connection, telecommunications products can be purchased at the best market rate […]

Trading Post

Q: What Is the Role of Pooling Points? A: Key components of capacity trading and a liquid marketplace include: A standardized contract that eliminates the lengthy negotiations that attend the one-off purchase and sale agreements used today; marketplaces or mechanisms–online exchanges, brokers and the like–for matching buyers and sellers, supplying credit and settlement support, and […]

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