The Letter: And the Winner Is

Posted: 09/2002 And the Winner Is AS WE HEAD INTO THE CAMPAIGN SEASON, it seems appropriate to talk about winners and losers. Only, it’s not tight races for Senate and House seats that weigh on our minds, it’s the contest for the embattled telecom market. WorldCom’s July bankruptcy filing signaled a new, more desperate phase […]

Stock Watch: On the Road to Recovery — or Not

Posted: 2/2002 Stock Watch On the Road to Recovery — or Not Although the positive economic news was scarce during the session that ended Dec. 17, investors were betting recovery is coming soon.Among the good tidings leading into the end-of-year holiday season were two reports that analysts say could telegraph a recovery. The National Association […]

Stock Watch – Market Climbs on Long-Term View

Posted: 07/2001 Stock Watch Market Climbs on Long-Term View The Federal Reserve’s rate cut of 50 basis points announced on the last day of our trading session (May 15) failed to rally Wall Street, but the more positive outlook on the economy gave a boost to the market. The rate cut, the fifth this year, […]

Stock Watch – Market Stages Rally, Closes in Positive Territory

Posted: 06/2001 Stock Watch Market Stages Rally, Closes in Positive Territory Easter week closed (April 16–our trading deadline) in positive territory for the Dow after a four-day rally that sent tech stocks to their second-best week ever. The good news was tempered, however, by rocky forecasts and earnings by many companies. Still, the overall sentiment […]

Stock Watch – Investors Take Breather

Posted: 07/2000 Investors Take Breather Light volume characterized the market at the end of our session as investors waited on the sidelines until after the Federal Reserve’s policy meeting, with techs and other stocks battered despite some positive earnings reports. But stocks rebounded on the last day of our session (May 15) with Wall Street […]

The Pitch: Exhibit Hall Etiquette

Posted: 06/2000 Exhibit Hall Etiquette By Cynthia Lett Attending and exhibiting at trade shows is all about building relationships, learning about new products and services and maybe negotiating a deal.But everything starts with the relationship.It is a fact that we like to do business with people we like. We are less willing to make a […]

Proof Positive

Posted: 01/2000 Proof Positive Third-Party Verifiers Help Carriers Fend Off Fraud By Liz Montalbano With all the haggling over slamming and cramming that ensued in 1999–including the FCC’s adoption of the toughest anti-slamming rules to date in April with its Truth in Billing Requirements–the fact remains: Carriers and resellers still are charging customers for services […]

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