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Q: What Is the Role of Pooling Points? A: Key components of capacity trading and a liquid marketplace include: A standardized contract that eliminates the lengthy negotiations that attend the one-off purchase and sale agreements used today; marketplaces or mechanisms–online exchanges, brokers and the like–for matching buyers and sellers, supplying credit and settlement support, and […]

Business News – ATC Teleports Buys General Telecom for $30 Million

Posted: 07/2000 ATC Teleports Buys General Telecom for $30 Million By Ken Branson It’s Big Bang Day for Melissa Craig. ATC Teleports Inc. (www.atcteleport.com) will buy Craig’s company, General Telecommunications Inc., for $30 million, she has announced.This is not like Bell Atlantic Corp. (www.bell-atl.com) buying GTE Corp. (www.gte.com), but in the corner of the telecom […]

Alcatel Delivers Packet Access WholesalingSystem

Posted: 11/1999 Alcatel Delivers Packet Access Wholesaling System By Peter Lambert Wholesaling of dial-up and broadband Internet access services just became easier to grow and to manage, according to Plano, Texas-based manufacturer Alcatel USA. The company has introduced a software package designed to provide centralized controls for large-scale regional, national and international networks of access […]

Business News – ICG, Qwest Sign Multiple Long-Term Network Agreements

Posted: 09/1999 ICG, Qwest Sign Multiple Long-Term Network Agreements Englewood, Colo.-based ICG Communications Inc. has announced that Denver-based Qwest Communications International Inc. will purchase in excess of 100,000 ports of ICG’s Remote Access Service (RAS). Under terms of the five-year agreement, ICG will install at least 80,000 new RAS ports for Qwest on ICG’s nationwide […]

Ports for Rent

Posted: 07/1999 Ports for Rent By Ken Branson "I use the word ‘incubator,’ because to me, [switch partitioning] is a product, not a business. We used it to get started ourselves. We’re a carrier; we understand carriers." –Mike Hosley, director of business development, STAR Telecommunications Inc. In the deep, dark recesses of the telco hotel […]

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