Backstage Pass

CHANNEL PARTNER SUPPORT portals lately have taken on a new, high-concept theme: business transparency. The idea is to help agents help themselves by granting them access to the same resources, contacts and abilities the provider or master agent has internally. Comparing the new crop of online tools to previous portal iterations is a little like […]

Portals to Profit

LOOKING TO DEPLOY a consumer content portal but not sure where to start? Synacor Inc. has entered the market to help ISPs, CLECs and resellers establish a Web presence in the crowded broadband market. Synacor-enabled Cav.Tel.net, Cavelier Telephones private-labeled consumer content portal We sell tiers of content on top of DSL, fiber or cable broadband […]

Automation in Moderation

IN AN ON-DEMAND world, the mantra seems to be automate or die. At the same time, it is important to maintain that human touch. Carriers and master agencies are accomplishing these seemingly opposite aims by rolling out partner Web portals with functionalities such as instant quote generation, access to commissions information and sales tools, and […]

Evolving Web Portals to Personalize Self-Provisioning

For telecom companies, the Web is an ever-evolving tool. Simple pricing and information Web sites have given way to online price quoting and password-protected account access. The idea of customer self-care via a Web portal continues to develop. This will be addressed in a session titled, Billing and Customer Support in a Self-Provisioned World, which […]

E-Channel – Portals E-enable VPN Sales, Management

Posted: 12/2001 E-Channel Portals E-enable VPN Sales, Management By Tara Seals Three companies have announced e-business initiatives to simplify traditionally tricky data accounts. Bandwidth.com Inc., Telco Exchange Inc. and InternetConnect Inc. are using their online presence to make selling virtual private networks (VPNs) a little easier. Telco Exchange CEO Bryant Dunetz says his company’s solution […]

E-Channel – Surviving Telecom Portals Adopt Old-economy Tactics

Posted: 07/2001 E-Channel Surviving Telecom Portals Adopt Old-economy Tactics Movement to Market Proprietary Technology Intensifies By Josh Long As in most of the dot-com sagas, there’s an epilogue to the telecom portals story that goes beyond the fate of individual entities to the emergence of new variations that offer hope beyond the gloom and doom.The […]

Service on a Portal

Posted: 01/2001 Service on a Portal Web-user Interface Enables Enhanced Communications By Khali Henderson Communications portal. What does that mean? If you think of Internet telephony service providers such as Net2Phone Inc. (www.net2phone.com) and PhoneFree.com (www.phonefree.com), you’d be right–at least under the strictest definition. Certainly by now, Webster’s wordsmiths would have added a few more […]

To Billing Portal, or Not to Billing Portal

Posted: 03/2000 To Billing Portal, or Not to Billing Portal By Peter Lambert Thanks to the massive reach of user-friendly World Wide Web browsers, now more than ever before, telecommunications and Internet service providers (ISPs) stand to save money and improve the usefulness of their billing processes by switching from paper to electronic billing. Yet […]

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