Business News – Industry Leaders Create First Telecom ASP Portal

Posted: 05/2000 Industry Leaders Create First Telecom ASP Portal Ipx Inc. (www.ipx-inc.com), a VoIP clearinghouse, has introduced T-Portal, a group of international telecommunications companies committed to advance new technologies.“We are creating the first Applications Telecommunications Service Provider (ATSP) clearinghouse,” says Keith J. Rhea, president and CEO of ipx in a press statement. “Applications such as […]

To Billing Portal, or Not to Billing Portal

Posted: 03/2000 To Billing Portal, or Not to Billing Portal By Peter Lambert Thanks to the massive reach of user-friendly World Wide Web browsers, now more than ever before, telecommunications and Internet service providers (ISPs) stand to save money and improve the usefulness of their billing processes by switching from paper to electronic billing. Yet […]


Posted: 01/2000 NEWS BRIEFS As part of its recent reorganization (see story), Teleglobe Communications Corp., (www.teleglobe.com) has formed a new business unit called Teleglobe Value Added Services (VAS) to offer product and support to switchless resellers in the United States, Canada and other countries. Andrew Burroughs, the carrier’s former vice president of global marketing, has […]

Business News – IXC Prepares for CBI Merger

Posted: 11/1999 IXC Prepares for CBI Merger By Ken Branson Used-to-bad-news IXC Communications Inc., Austin, Texas, is turning around as it prepares to be acquired by Cincinnati Bell Inc. (CBI), Cincinnati, in the fourth quarter. In the wake of the news of CBI’s intention to acquire IXC in a $3.2 billion stock swap, a river […]

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