Qwest Goes All-IP Data with iQ

Qwest Communications International Inc. has launched a systemic overhaul in the way it packages and delivers data services with iQ Networking, which aims to simplify the buying experience for customers while streamlining service delivery on an IP core.

Will WNP Accelerate Wireline Attrition?

Posted: 8/2003 Will WNP Accelerate Wireline Attrition? By Josh Long While carriers sweat the fall deadline for wireless number portability (WNP), the question looms as to whether it will accelerate the migration away from landline service. An appeals court has upheld a November deadline requiring the telecom industry to implement WNP, but carriers have been […]

Carrier Channel: Using SLAs as Differentiators

Posted: 12/2002 Using SLAs as Differentiators By Chris Luzine IT’S NO SECRET THAT WHOLESALE ISPs are searching for ways to grow their businesses profitably. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to offer a unique set of services that helps acquire and retain customers. As a result, wholesalers are beginning to offer more […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Ex-Carrier Sales Reps Dock at Agency Port

Posted: 10/2002 Ex-Carrier Sales Reps Dock at Agency Port By Tara Seals Nik Nesbitt WHILE THE TELECOM MARKET WEATHERS the storm of the century, disenfranchised carrier executives and direct salespeople seeking refuge from the deluge of layoffs may find channel marketing a friendly port. These professionals, often with years of experience under their belts, are […]

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