Have a Question About Surviving Consolidation?

With the Channel Partners Conference just over 2 weeks away, the speakers, staff and I have been preparing for the various seminars occurring at the show. One that is of particular interest is our opening seminar, “Executive Roundtable:Surviving Consolidation,” which discusses how c onsolidation among telecom service providers is shrinking channel partners’ supplier pool and, in […]

The Ripple Effect

Dip your toes into the affinity marketing waters, and you could see a wave of business turn into a large pool of opportunities. In other words, the more organizations a company partners with to provide telecom services, the more referrals and income that company is likely to net. Anysia Kiel, PAETEC’s national director of affinity […]

Wholesale Lambdas’ Second Wave

Metro fiber providers are reporting an uptick in demand for their wholesale wavelength services in recent months, logging new business among an ever-widening pool of service providers and carrier-class enterprise clients. The Yankee Group forecasts wholesale metropolitan wavelength services to grow from $79 million in 2003 to $349 million in 2006. The increase has moved […]

Partner Channel: Agents Dip into New Pool of Vanity Numbers

Posted: 2/2002 Partner Channel Agents Dip into New Pool of Vanity Numbers By Josh Long Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the book series Guerrilla Marketing, says that he believes 500 number toll-free services will help put small businesses on the map — just like the Internet.500PLUS LLC, a Gaithersburg, Md.-based telephony marketing firm eight years […]

Trading Desk – To Pool or Not to Pool? That is the Question

Posted: 08/2001 Trading Desk To Pool or Not to Pool? That is the Question By Tara Seals LighTrade Inc. (www.lightrade.com) and Enron Broadband Services (EBS, www.enron.net) are the only two players investing in the construction of bandwidth delivery pooling points for the trading community, but they believe they have the right solution for an emerging […]

Agency Channel: Taking Stock in Equity

Posted: 08/2000 Taking Stock in Equity By Tara Seals The unveiling of several landmark equity programs for agents two years ago sparked optimism and frenzied contract signings. But the resellers that pioneered the concept still have not fully executed their business plans.With undelivered promises of high-multiple acquisitions, agents now are looking for equity in the […]

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