Countdown to Success

SUCCESS AS AN MVNO is based on a differentiated brand, unique data services and content, and the expectation of a lucrative customer segment. It is not surprising that in the excitement around MVNOs, which include prospects like Hustler and P. Diddy as well as heavyweights like Disney, we dont often hear mention of a more […]

TeleManagement Forum Launches Prosspero Initiative

The TeleManagement Forum (TMF) at TeleManagement World unveiled a market initiative it is calling Prosspero. Prosspero provides developers with open-source code based standards, as well as a full support ecosystem to enable rapid implementations, the TMF said. To become part of the Prosspero program, implementation standards must go through a rigorous approvals process, and have […]

Agilent Releases assureME Portfolio

Agilent Technologies Inc. has released its new assureME portfolio, which manages the network, services and the customer experience. The first two components are assureME-Roamer and assureME-Corporate. The company made the announcement at TeleManagement World in Nice, France. “We’ve found that the majority of customer-reported problems were handset configuration issues, rather than network faults, so customer […]

White Rock Debuts CWDM/DWDM Platform

White Rock Networks introduced this week the VLX1020, a passive 1-RU WDM platform that can be configured as either a CWDM or DWDM system. The CWDM components include an eight-wavelength mux/demux and eight single-wavelength optical ADMs for point-to-point, linear and ring deployments. The VLX1020 also features a combiner/splitter that allows CWDM overlay onto an existing […]

NetCracker Launches Cross-Domain Manager, SDP Support

NetCracker Technology Corp. announced the Cross-Domain Manager at TelecomNEXT as well as support for IMS service delivery platforms. The Cross-Domain framework allows operators to bring in new services without disturbing existing OSS components, whether that be legacy, new, third-party or bespoke. The manager orchestrates the back office to deliver new services such as IPTV and […]

Wheres the Money in Wireless? Session Identifies Compensation Components

Todays session will discuss how making money on wireless is a moving target. While there are some traditional models offered by the larger operators that are still in force, there are increasing efforts by carriers, resellers and master agents to make being a business-to-business wireless dealer more lucrative with residual commission plans, value-added services and […]

Become CSP Certified!

Converged Solutions Provider Certification training is a primary component of the CSP Network value proposition for converged solutions providers. Here is a sneak peek at the course curriculum. For more information, visit CSP Network or www.cspcertified.com. Become a card-carrying professional. Classes begin in October. Sign up today! SALES TRACK: Module 1: Seven Attributes of Successful […]

IPlay3 Launches Triple Play OSS Support

IPlay3, a consortium formed by Highdeal, NetCentrex and Envio, announced the billing and OSS components of its triple-play solution at Billing and OSS World 2004. Built to support IP-based voice, video and data, the integrated solution offers a subscriber portal, on-demand provisioning, centralized offer management, single-threaded rating and billing, and partner settlement and royalty management. […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: NUI Telecom Allies with Unified Signal

Posted: 09/2002 NUI Telecom Allies with Unified Signal UNIFIED SIGNAL, PROVIDER of a turnkey operating platform for agents and resellers of communications services, has forged a key partnership with NUI Telecom Inc., a division of energy company NUI Corp. The strategic alliance enables Unified Signal to provide long-distance service to its clients. Under the deal, […]

Keys to the Kingdom

Posted: 04/2001 Keys to the Kingdom New App Provisioning Architecture Bodes Well for Telecom Channels By Peter Lambert and Fred Dawson Amid all the talk about new revenue opportunities bursting into play for service providers of every description, the missing ingredient has been an operations platform through which service providers (SPs) can aggregate, distribute and […]

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