Smoking, Frying, Grilling and Spying

IP communications is at the heart of this debate and protecting our access and usage to this technology is paramount. There needs to be some form of access but it must not hinder innovation or normal business and civilian communications, and it must contain effective safeguards.


Presidential Debates Go Online Only Charlie Rose Yahoo!, The Huffington Post and Slate Magazine will host two online-only presidential debates during the 2008 campaign. The debates will stream from all three Web sites and voters will be able to ask candidates questions directly, in real time. PBS host Charlie Rose will moderate the events, which […]

Communications Politics 102

Posted: 11/2000 Communications Politics 102 By Ernie Kelly Tis the season for political contemplation. With that in mind I thought I might try a little tutelage called Communications Politics 102. For this purpose I will don my old "flea-bitten-inside-the-beltway" jacket and get down and dirty with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the […]

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