The Political Parties’ Technology Policy Priorities

As the election approaches, the IT channel should press its policy concerns and engage candidates at all levels to create a supportive environment for the technology sector to continue its global leadership and its jobs creation drive.


Please discontinue sending PHONE+ to us. While I expect jabs of a political nature (and know the publisher makes a disclaimer about views), I find the Lance Sterling cartoon to be misleading and unfortunate. While personally I do not love any one political party, I would think it best not to be too slanted one […]

McDowell Sworn in as Fifth FCC Commissioner

The FCC on Thursday became officially rounded out when Chairman Kevin J. Martin swore in the groups fifth member and third Republican, Robert M. McDowell. McDowells term runs until June 30, 2009. McDowell comes to the FCC from COMPTEL, the association that represents competitive carriers. He served as a lawyer for the organization since early […]

Soap Box – Five Years Beyond the Act

Posted: 05/2001 Soap Box Five Years Beyond the Act By Ernie Kelly I have just come through the ordeal of commemorating the fifth anniversary of the signing into law of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, the advent of which I have been dreading for some time. It was a week-long festival of celebration and remembrance, honoring […]


Posted: 04/1998 GUEST EDITORIAL By Robert M. McDowell, ESQ. It was a drizzly February morning when I arrived at work to be greeted by a Washington-style rumor more chilling than the mid-winter weather. Phone calls were abuzz with whispers laden with sincere anxiety: Bell Atlantic Corp./NYNEX was in "secret" negotiations with the Federal Communications Commission […]

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