Peering Into the Future

VOIP PEERING SERVICES ARE young, but already the sector is seeing significant growth and change. Launching as small communities comprising a few nascent voice-over-broadband providers, the services now are signing up major carriers, refining their business models and facing new competitors a sure sign of success. While VoIP is becoming pervasive, most VoIP service providers […]

Charter Communications Launches Music To-Go

Charter Communications Inc., the St. Louis-based cable TV and high-speed Internet provider, this week added Charter Music To-Go to its Charter Music service. Charter Music To-Go is a subscription service that gives the companys high-speed Internet customers access to more than 2 million songs to download and play. Users also can download personalized playlists to […]

U.S. LD Data Market Set to Grow

As with the voice market, the U.S. longdistance data industry is undergoing significant transformation. Unlike the voice market, though, the data side of the longdistance industry is on the growth side of regulatory- and technology-driven migration a reality that will drive growth in this segment even as overall long-distance industry revenue contracts. All in all, […]

Can the Pygmalion Effect Boost Your Sales?

The Pygmalion Effect comes from Greek mythology. Pygmalion, the King of Cyprus, carved an ivory statue of the ideal woman and named her Galatea. He had high expectations for his creation. Through his own will and help from the goddess Venus, Pygmalion brought Galatea to life. Fast-forward to 1968 and a classic study that showed […]

Round Table

… ON SPRINT CORP.’S PLANNED MERGER WITH NEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS INC. “This creates three big wireless competitors carrying about 75 percent of the traffic, which is very helpful. Three major carriers can help keep prices low for customers, expenses lower for the companies and innovation high.” independent analyst Jeff Kagan “Assuming this merger is approved by […]

Consumer VoIP Price War Heating Up

A price war in consumer VoIP is forcing leading market competitors to cut prices and increase services as the major players jockey for customers and market strength. In early October, both AT&T Corp. and consumer VoIP upstart Vonage Holdings Corp. cut the prices on their basic consumer packages, bringing the fees for their ‘unlimited’ packages […]

Game Over for UNE-P?

To say that CLECs have had a difficult time would be an understatement by anyone’s standards. Following meteoric rises in valuation on the heels of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, stock market declines and restricted market penetration led to a shakeout that ultimately left standing fewer than 80 of the 330 CLECs that were operating […]


Posted: 10/2003 LONG-DISTANCE FUTURE MIXED BAG Outlook Hinges on Segment, Competitive Position By Joyce Lo and Taher Bouzayen RBOC entry into the long-distance market coupled with overall declining retail voice revenue will create a challenging environment for longdistance players over the next several years, according to new research from Boston-based Atlantic-ACM. While all long-distance players […]

Carrier Channel: IP Transit Victim of Price Wars

Posted: 5/2003 IP Transit Victim of Price Wars By Khali Henderson There’s a war going on — not just in the deserts of Iraq, but also in the cyberworld of IP transit where pricing has declined at a cutthroat pace. IP transit has dropped 40 percent to 50 percent in each of the last two […]


Posted: 1/2003 Overheard… "We are not looking for a free ride. We are just trying to figure out how to compete." –Gabe Battista, chairman and CEO of Talk America Inc., referencing a proposal filed Nov. 6 with the Federal Communications Commission by 10 local phone companies offering what may be the first formal compromise over […]

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