Equinox Licenses CDR Software to Microtech-Tel

Global software applications provider Equinox Information Systems (Booth 413) announced that Microtech-Tel, an interconnect based in Denver, has licensed ExtractCDR to transform raw automatic message account data from their MetaSwitch switching system into usable formats. ExtractCDR is a Windows-based system designed to eliminate the chance of errors created by the manual translation of usage records. […]

NuVox Launches New Sales Channel Program

Building on the momentum of its recent merger with FDN, service provider NuVox Communications Inc. (Booth 911, and COMPTEL sponsor), announced a new strategic sales channel that will provide wholesale services including UNE-L, resale and carrier offerings, as well as packages for multidwelling units and government customers. NuVox serves more than 90,000 customers across 16 […]

Citynet to Reach 17 New Markets in 2007

Citynet Wholesale, a facilities-based broadband service provider for underserved Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets, announced plans to make significant capital investments to expand its network in 2007. The planned network expansion will allow Citynet to provide service to 17 new markets across six additional LATAs by years end. Citynet will focus its expansion efforts […]

RCN Relaunches Business Solutions

RCN Corp. a triple play provider of competitive cable TV, high-speed Internet and local and long-distance phone services has reorganized its commercial sales and service efforts to relaunch its RCN Business Solutions organization. RCN Business Solutions is a wholly owned, but separately managed, division of RCN Corp., dedicated to service the business community in the […]

PAETEC Adds Software to Product Line

Agents for PAETEC Communications Inc. now can sell software products through the provider. PAETEC said this week it has expanded its third-party relationships to include its proprietary PINNACLE Communications Management Suite; its first PINNACLE affiliate is Strategic Computer Solutions Inc. (SCS), an IBM reseller. PINNACLE Communications Management Suite offers integrated software for workflow optimization, asset […]

EUR Partners with CPqD

EUR Systems has partnered with Brazilian telecom research and development firm CPqD Telecom and IT Solutions to offer CPqDs product portfolio as part of its business process outsourcing services. CPqD products available via EUR include Workforce Management, Outside Plant, Revenue Management, Wi-Fi Management and EasyVoIP. Between the two companies, customers can choose outsourcing, licensing, hosting […]

Stop Whining

First of all, let me say that I follow the telephone industry closely, but have never worked for a telephone operating company. The article “The Forgotten Quo” from your May issue was interesting, and for the most part factually accurate. But a few things were omitted, and other things were distorted. Congress, in its infinite […]

StellarRAD Promotes New Products, Upgrades

StellarRAD Systems (Booth 616) has just released StellarEMI, a record mediation package for CLECs, LECs, UNE-P providers and resellers. StellarEMI uses a diagram metaphor that allows the user to easily configure and maintain reformatting rules, says the company. StellarRAD also introduces two applications targeted to the LEC market. Both StellarPLANT (outside plant assignment and tracking) […]

Agency Channel: Master Agent Streamlines the Henry Ford Museum

Posted: 11/2000 Master Agent Streamlines the Henry Ford Museum By Tara Seals Master agent and consulting firm Telecom Holdings Inc. ( DS-1 circuit, and showed the true power of an agent lies in relationships. According to Paul McAninch, vice president of operations at Telecom Holdings, the Henry Ford Museum was attracted initially to the "Telecom […]

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