Can’t Go IPO?

Posted: 11/1997   Can’t Go IPO? You’re Not Helpless Take Control By Restructuring By Michael H. Wirpel Here’s the scene: Your margins, profits and self-esteem are shrinking. Your cash flow is negative; you are not positioned for either an IPO or new debt. There appears to be no way to salvage the business. Pictures of […]

What’s Fair?

Posted: 10/1997 What’s Fair? FCC Ponders Payphone Compensation Rules in Wake of Court Remand "Fair’s fair," as the old saying goes. That’s not a very enlightening definition in any context. Fortunately, the circularity of this definition isn’t enough to support policy arguments. Unfortunately, federal regulators continue to struggle over trying to figure out what’s fair […]

Marketing Prepaid Wireless to TheCredit-Challenged

Posted: 09/1997 Marketing Prepaid Wireless to The Credit-Challenged By Mary E. Stanhope Marketing to the credit-challenged is a key part of a successful prepaid cellular service offering. It is important to market prepaid cellular service as a standard service offering, as the credit-disadvantaged will not likely respond positively to a hidden service that makes them […]

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