Posted: 10/2003 Signs of the Times Do you ever wonder how we got here? Not so much the chain of events leading up to this moment, but why those events occurred in the first place? I do. In my own life, I am comforted that self-inflicted and external setbacks are indeed momentary and lead me […]

Carrier Channel: Electric Utilities Power Up

Posted: 5/2003 Electric Utilities Power Up Wholesale Wi-Fi Networks By Khali Henderson In trying to solve the problem of getting subscribers to its fiber assets, electricity giant American Electric Power — along with technology partners Cisco Systems Inc. and RedLeaf Group Inc. — stumbled upon a delivery mechanism for high-speed wireless access or Wi-Fi. That […]

Trading Desk – To Pool or Not to Pool? That is the Question

Posted: 08/2001 Trading Desk To Pool or Not to Pool? That is the Question By Tara Seals LighTrade Inc. ( and Enron Broadband Services (EBS, are the only two players investing in the construction of bandwidth delivery pooling points for the trading community, but they believe they have the right solution for an emerging […]

Business News – CompTel Attendance Skyrockets in Orlando

Posted: 04/2001 CompTel Attendance Skyrockets in Orlando By PHONE+ Staff The changing political winds, a softer economy and the celebration of two decades as a champion of competition helped attendance for the Competitive Telecommunications Association’s (CompTel, 20th Anniversary Convention skyrocket in Orlando, Fla. More than 4,300 people attended the three-day affair. "I think the […]

E-Channel: News Briefs

Posted: 01/2001 News Briefs * A sluggish market has cost 120 people their jobs, including former CEO Steve Markowitz, as Inc. ( announced a workforce reduction of 29 percent last fall. Citing a shaky third quarter, its August acquisition of Cybergold and what Markowitz termed a "weak demand for Internet marketing services," the company […]

Business News – Net2Phone, Microsoft Collaborate on Free Long Distance

Posted: 09/2000 Net2Phone, Microsoft Collaborate on Free Long Distance Net2Phone Inc.’s ( PC-based client software has been integrated into the latest version Microsoft Corp.’s MSN ( Messenger Service 3.0, released July 21, allowing users to place free long-distance phone calls to the United States and Canada from nearly anywhere in the world.Messenger Service 3.0 includes […]

Cross-Border Customer Care

Posted: 03/1999 Cross-Border Customer Care By Denise Culver When Internet protocol (IP) telephony was introduced a scant few years ago, the handful of companies that were utilizing the technology weren’t too concerned about how they would bill for the service or whether their customer service would be up to par. After all, they had just […]

Location, Location, Location

Posted: 08/1998 Location, Location, Location By Bob Lane Independent payphone providers (IPPs), like real estate agents, measure the success of their companies by the locations of their products. Real estate agents don’t make money on houses in bad locations; likewise, IPPs don’t make money from poorly located payphones. The differences between a successful payphone route […]

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