HP Rebrands webOS Platform, Soon Will Launch Palm Pre 2

HP has rebranded the Palm webOS platform, and soon will launch the Palm Pre 2. Theres an added just type” feature that lets users compose e-mail or start a Web search. Maybe we need to see this function in action because it sounds lame.

Palm Ripe for Takeover as Analysts Slash Ratings?

Is Palm Inc. (PALM) ripe for a takeover? The company on Tuesday suffered a serious stock drop as analysts cut the mobile device maker’s ratings and pointed out its dwindling cash reserves. As Palm struggles to find its footing in an incredibly competitive market, its best option may be to merge with a stronger rival. The […]

Palm Pre, Pixi Production Halted?

Palm Pre and Palm Pixi production has been halted for February, according to three Taiwanese manufacturing sources. Palm Inc. has asked its manufacturing partner, Foxconn, to stop the presses, as it were. “The decision is very sudden, and Foxconn was told to reduce all February Pre forecast to zero on Wednesday and nobody knows whether […]

Palm Pixi: Not the Pre Part II

The second device from Palm Inc. featuring its souped up webOS engine was announced this week. In all, it’s not the Pre Part II, and it’s not really the Pre Lite either, though it is a lower-end device than the Pre (no word yet on pricing though). In other words, the Pixi might just stand […]

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