Appeals Court: VoIP Must Pitch in to USF

A federal appeals court has upheld the FCCs requirement that VoIP providers contribute to the Universal Service Fund (USF). Nearly a year ago, the FCC revamped the USF contribution base to include VoIP providers that connect to the PSTN. Vonage Holdings Corp. then filed suit against the agency. Even though the court on Friday sided […]

The Pitch: New Tricks of the 10-10-XXX Trade

Posted: 09/2000 New Tricks of the 10-10-XXX Trade By Khali Henderson With day parts, fees and free tie-ins, marketing consumer long-distance services could be considered somewhat of a black art–exemplified in no small measure by dial-around services. Almost magically, purveyors of casual calling services have overcome limited marketing budgets, large carrier backlash, a bill-padding scandal […]

The Pitch: Targeting Callers with e-Mail Marketing

Posted: 08/2000 Targeting Callers with e-Mail Marketing By Tara Seals International Data Corp. (www.idc.com) estimates there are 400 million online mailboxes worldwide–all potential destinations for an e-mail marketing message. But experts say getting results is not as easy as compiling a mailing list and pressing the “send” button. Among benefits of e-mail marketing are heighten […]

The Pitch: Marketing Success Takes Common Sense

Posted: 07/2000 Marketing Success Takes Common Sense By Maureen Rhemann Marketing does not come naturally to everyone. In many ways, it is an acquired skill rather than an innate ability. The whole idea behind marketing is the ability to use a collection of techniques to entice a customer to buy a product. Many companies make […]

The Pitch: Exhibit Hall Etiquette

Posted: 06/2000 Exhibit Hall Etiquette By Cynthia Lett Attending and exhibiting at trade shows is all about building relationships, learning about new products and services and maybe negotiating a deal.But everything starts with the relationship.It is a fact that we like to do business with people we like. We are less willing to make a […]

The Pitch: Size Matters–With Self-Provisioning, Smaller Can Be Better

Posted: 05/2000 Size Matters– With Self-Provisioning, Smaller Can Be Better By Josh Martin While major long-distance carriers tout long-awaited services, they probably should keep an eye on independents. That is because some smaller carriers are attracting new customers as they forge strategic alliances and develop niche markets.Web-based self-provisioning is not evolving the way some analysts […]

The Pitch: Lampooned Telemarketing Still Effective

Posted: 04/2000 Unifying the Newly Merged Sales Force By Kevin Davis or a recently merged organization to achieve its growth goals, it must analyze its sales force’s skills to determine what it lacks. Then it can create a unified sales force by installing a common selling language, which delivers a single message to its customers.Failure […]

The Pitch: The Bundle–What, Why & How Much?

Posted: 04/1999 The Bundle–What, Why & How Much? By Liz Montalbano When AT&T Corp. launched its Personal Network offering Jan. 27, telecom bundling theorists finally saw their pontifications realized in what is being touted as the first true bundle for consumers. AT&T Personal Network combines wireless, wireline, home phone and payphone calling at one rate–10 […]

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