Panel Discusses How to Squeeze More Bandwidth from Optical Pipes

Under pressure to deliver greater bandwidth to customers, service providers are trying to figure out how to get more from their existing bandwidth. Their high-capacity optical transport networks already are experiencing strain under the escalating request for services at higher rates up to 10 gigabit. To help meet this demand, service providers are looking to […]

Big Brains Need Big Pipes

Traditionally a big hardware show, SUPERCOMM has taken on a new look - something akin to the Consumer Electronics Show - in its final incarnation. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but certainly CPE and mobility devices were displayed en masse in booths emblazoned with the trapping of MTV-esque mass marketing - bold graphics, electronic music and dancing. […]

Big Pipes in Indian Country

Forget Africa and China, one of the world’s most underserved populations is right here in the United States. Native American tribal nations are eying broadband access as the key to sustainable economic growth, and the Federal Communications Commission (www.fcc.gov) and infrastructure companies finally are ready to partner in the initiative, speakers said Thursday at The […]

Wholesale Channel – Carrier’s Carrier Wires ‘Underworld’

Posted: 12/2001 Wholesale Channel Carrier’s Carrier Wires ‘Underworld’ By Josh LongTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aren’t the only ones that have laid claim to the prime real estate available in metropolitan sewers. Carrier’s carrier CityNet Telecommunications Inc. is using the readymade conduit to build its broadband network, which it plans to lease to service providers as […]

Wholesale Channel – Telecom Providers to Bid on Decommissioned Utility Pipes

Posted: 09/2001 Wholesale Channel Telecom Providers to Bid on Decommissioned Utility Pipes By Josh Long AGL Resources Inc., a regional energy holding company in the Southeast, has launched RetiredMain.com, a website where telecom companies can bid for and lease decommissioned pipes. Its subsidiary, Atlanta Gas Light Company, founded in 1856, has been retiring pipes for […]

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