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Lead and Motivate Yourself as Well as Your Team

As a business leader, you know one of your key tasks is to keep your team motivated. To do so, you constantly remind your people of the companys vision, hold them accountable, mentor them and support them. But how does the one who motivates others every day stay motivated as well?

Whats Your Personal Leadership IQ?

As a leader, you likely know how to lead your company or department. But how are you doing in terms of your personal leadership? If you’re wondering what personal leadership is, here’s a definition: Personal leadership is the leadership of the self. It is the ability to define a direction for your leadership and life, […]

The 5 Ways Leaders Lose Their Edge

Whether the economic times are flourishing or floundering, many leaders get stuck in the same trap: they don’t take time to stop and reflect on what they’re doing. Because there’s so much for them to do and they have so much responsibility and accountability on their shoulders, they’re constantly on the go, striving to deliver […]

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