CTC Picks MetaSwitch Softswitch Platform

MetaSwitch (Booth 1323) announced this week CTC Communications is using its softswitch platform to deliver a range of hosted business services. CTC is one of the largest converged communications service providers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Compatibility with our existing network standards was a key requirement, as was a resilient future-proof applications platform based […]

AOL Available Wirelessly, Adds Mobile Sales Portal

America Online Inc. has made its content available to mobile Web users, and has launched AOLMobile.com, a mobile distribution portal where users can buy wireless service and content, customized according to their specific phone model and service provider configurations. It’s also a mobile home base where users can manage their wireless service accounts. AOL users […]

Carrier Channel: Gigabit Ethernet Race Picks Up Speed

Posted: 6/2003 Gigabit Ethernet Race Picks Up Speed By Khali Henderson Gigabit Ethernet is at a crossroads. At once it is finding a market among large enterprises, but lacking in sellers. Most of the entrepreneurial champions of high-speed Ethernet technology in the metro — the so-called EtherLECs — were stopped in their tracks by telecom’s […]

ASCENT: BillSoft Taxation Software Picks Up Speed

BillSoft Inc. (Booth 404) announced today at the ASCENT Fall Conference & Networking Forum their EZTax taxation software has surpassed another milestone. A benchmark study, performed Oct. 11, verified BillSoft’s EZTax taxed more than 1.8 billion transactions in one hour, which translates to 31,582,551 transactions taxed per minute or 526,375 transactions taxed per second. "This […]


Posted: 08/2002 Overheard… –Bill Esrey, chairman and CEO, Sprint Corp. … at SUPERCOMM in Atlanta … "Telecom will change at warp speed and not everybody will be able to keep up. … Today’s market is no place for companies with single service solutions or a weakened balance sheet." Brush After Every Call Soon all your […]

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