Posted: 04/2002 The New Robber Barons By Neil S. Ende NOT SINCE THE DAYS of the robber barons has an industry group flexed its monopoly muscle with such complete impunity. Indeed, in virtually every aspect of their conduct, the regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) have leveraged and abused their monopoly power to effectively destroy any […]

For Whom the Bell InterLATA Tolls

Posted: 02/2000 For Whom the Bell InterLATA Tolls Undoubtedly the biggest telecom news of 1999 was the FCC’s late December OK to let Bell Atlantic (www.bell-atl.com) into in-region long distance in New York state. I can’t help thinking that this historic FCC (www.fcc.gov) ruling came less for the merits of Bell Atlantic’s application than for […]

Is Jamming Being Used To Stop Slamming?

Posted: 06/1999 Is Jamming Being Used To Stop Slamming? By Kim Sunderland While AT&T Corp. alleges Denver-based US WEST Inc. is jamming, the Bell countercharges that the long distance giant is slamming. It’s a convoluted mess that’s likely to come before state and federal lawmakers for a resolution. On one hand, AT&T estimates that as […]

The Questions

Posted: 03/1998 By Larry Leikin The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), in an attempt to solve the problem of slamming, has ordered that every interexchange carrier (IXC), competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) and incumbent LEC (ILEC) respond to a 21-question survey of verification procedures and primary interexchange carrier (PIC) dispute experience. All carriers certified in […]

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