Zultys Intros Cloud Services

Zultys has released the Zultys Cloud Services, a cloud-based IP phone system, UC solution, contact center and SIP trunk service based on the MX series of IP phone systems.

Digium Releases Cloud Service Offering

Digium released its latest version of Digium Cloud Services (DCS) with SIP trunking delivering a complete solution for phones, PBX and telephony services.

FCC Bashed for USF ‘Wasting’ Taxpayer Money

A new study says the Federal Communications Commission is wasting up to $24,000 per line, per year on phone subsidies going to high-income areas around the U.S. money that is supposed to go to remote, rural areas.

AT&T: Hey, We Have an Open Network Policy Too!

Does this sound familiar? AT&T Inc. wants you to know that you can use any wireless device and any application on its mobile network. The latest news in the open access free-for-all is actually not news, per se, but more of a reminder. Perhaps feeling pushed out of the limelight by press coverage of Verizon […]

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