Congress, FCC Work to Improve E911

David Koon, a New York State Assemblyman, testified Wednesday a 911 dispatcher unable to locate his daughter listened helplessly as she was being murdered. Jennifer Koon, a college sophomore, had called 911 from her wireless phone after being kidnapped in the parking lot of a shopping center Nov. 13, 1993. A 911 system capable of […]

No UNE-P Draft Circulating at FCC, Says Source

There is no draft proposal “circulating” at the Federal Communications Commission that would phase out local telephone resale regulations governing the unbundled network element – platform (UNE-P) over two years, a source close to the matter said Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that an FCC draft proposes a two-year transition period before rivals […]

S&P Downgrades Qwest Following Debt Exchange Offer

Standard & Poor’s on Wednesday lowered its credit rating on Qwest Communications International Inc. after the phone giant announced a $12.9 billion debt exchange offer aimed to avoid a cash crunch. The debt exchange offer, which closes at 11:59 p.m. (EST) Dec. 20, is aimed to extend the date of maturities due in the next […]

Regulatory News – Spring Training

Posted: 06/2001 Regulatory News Spring Training New Pricing Flexibility Decision Previews FCC’s Game Strategy, Puts Competitors on Alert By Kim Sunderland For the first time, the FCC ( has come out of the dugout with orders according switched-access pricing flexibility to ILECs, ensuring that, starting this spring, the telecom game will be played somewhat differently. […]

CLECs Enter Next Growth Phase

Posted: 07/2000 CLECs Enter Next Growth PhaseBy John Windhausen Jr.The local telephone marketplace is undergoing a quiet but substantial transformation. The result could be even more creativity, chaos and, ultimately, competition.From the macro perspective, the local marketplace seems bustling with activity. From revenue of slightly more than $1 billion in the year before the 1996 […]

PHONE+ Goes Prepaid

Posted: 03/2000 PHONE+ Goes Prepaid It goes without saying that prepayment is a grand idea from service providers’ points of view. No bad debt. No float. No wonder prepayment is becoming a more prevalent billing scheme in the telecommunications industry. Prepayment made its debut in the long-distance market with prepaid calling cards, but it soon […]

Entering the Third Phase of Regulation

Posted:  01/2000 Entering the Third Phase of Regulation By Kim Sunderland It follows naturally that after the spring comes summer; after the rain comes sunshine; after pregnancy comes birth; and after life comes death. The world of telecom regulation isn’t any different. Because the rules of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 are law and the […]

Business News – To Buy Flat-Rate Long Distance Competitor

Posted: 10/1999 To Buy Flat-Rate Long Distance Competitor Flat-rate long distance provider Inc., San Diego, announced that it has agreed to acquire a Northeast competitor and that it has completed the first phase of its planned voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) telephony network. USATalks announced early in August it will buy Total Communications […]

Second Phase of Carrier Consolidation Begins

Posted: 10/1999 Second Phase of Carrier Consolidation Begins By Ken Branson Mergers and acquisitions are always described by the people involved as a "win-win situation" or "the creation of a powerhouse" or some such superlative. However, things get lost, as well as gained, in a merger. The business of corporate consolidation used to be simple. […]

For VocalTec, the Startup Phase is Over

Posted: 09/1998 For VocalTec, the Startup Phase is Over By Ken Branson If Sir Winston Churchill came back as vice president of marketing for VocalTec Communications Inc. and surveyed the Internet protocol (IP) telephony software company’s current situation, he might well recycle one of his great quotes from World War II: "This is not the […]

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