COMPTEL: What now?

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO Well, COMPTEL is searching for a new President and CEO. Earl Comstock’s resignation as CEO on May 30 should be marked as the end of the regulatory fight for COMPTEL. As one CLEC legal guy stated, “Millions of dollars and hundreds of lawyers have not worked.” The next phase for COMPTEL […]

Ceterus Does Ethernet Only

Ceterus Networks has added a new, Ethernet-only box to its Universal Transport System product line, which to date has consisted entirely of multiservice solutions. Jim Tindall, vice president of product marketing, says the UTS810 is the first device for cost-optimized Ethernet. He says it is aimed at both enterprise and service provider customers looking for […]

MCI to Hold Talks with Qwest

Qwest Communications International Inc.s pleas for MCI to seriously consider its revised $8 billion takeover bid have apparently fallen on receptive ears. MCI Inc. said today it will talk with Qwest about the latest proposal, and that Verizon Communications Inc. the company first in line for the acquisition has given MCI a two-week window in […]

Winner Takes Enough: Competing withGiants

Posted: 01/2000 Winner Takes Enough: Competing with Giants By Karen Strouse While it can seem an insurmountable task to take on the world’s largest telecommunications companies, many small-to-medium-sized companies have done so successfully. Some of these small companies have become giants on their own, such as MCI (now MCI WorldCom Inc./Sprint Corp.) (, Qwest Communications […]

Court of Appeals Says No to SBC, Upholds FCC Denial of Oklahoma 271 Application

Posted: 05/1998 Court of Appeals Says No to SBC, Upholds FCC Denial of Oklahoma 271 Application By Danny E. Adams, partner Kelly Drye & Warren LLP The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) won an important (and much needed) victory March 20 when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld the agency’s denial of […]

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