Level 3 to Buy WilTel for $680 Million

Level 3 Communications Inc. said today it plans to acquire wholesale carrier WilTel Communications Group LLC, part of Leucadia National Corp. Level 3 will pay $370 million plus 115 million shares, which, based on Fridays closing price of $2.70, comes out to about $310.5 million. Level 3 maintains the right to substitute cash for stock. […]

SBC Says Network Pact Will Help It Compete Nationally

SBC Communications Inc. on Wednesday announced a three-way pact that the regional phone company says will allow it to compete more effectively outside 13 states following its $16 billion acquisition of AT&T Corp. The pact calls for Time Warner Telecom to provide the combined AT&T and SBC special access and other last mile network services […]

Converting Wireless Nonusers

Got wireless? That seems to be the big question on everyone’s lips as more and more consumers continue to subscribe to wireless plans, forego their landlines and seek out the latest in cool cell phones and gadgets. Even the stodgiest of consumers are going wireless. It’s likely your grandparent owns a cell phone with a […]

Hip-Hop Hotline

Posted: 2/2004 Hip-Hop Hotline Rapper Jay-Z’s new Black Phone Rapper and hip-hop artist Jay-Z is capitalizing on the customized cell phone craze by working with Nokia to produce a special edition of the Nokia 3300 music phone called the Black Phone, which comes preloaded with Jay-Zs recently released Black Album on a multimedia card for […]

Round Table

Posted: 5/2003 … ON THE CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION REDUCING UNE-P RATES IN VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INC.’S TERRITORY  "Under this decision Verizon pays AT&T and WorldCom to compete in California. It is hard to imagine a justification for this decision." — Tim McCallion, president, Verizon Pacific Region "These reductions validate the claims of MCI and others […]

If FCC Chairman is Defeated, Will Bells Embrace UNE-P?

It is no revelation that the Bells are likely to appeal an FCC decision tomorrow on local phone regulations if the federal agency, as widely anticipated, cedes authority to state regulators, letting them determine where and when to remove the incumbents’ obligations to lease their networks to rivals at deeply discounted rates. What remains uncertain […]

In Box: Going Back on Their Word

Posted: 10/2002 Going Back on Their Word In response to an article on the PHONE+ website], it is interesting that BellSouth, SBC, Verizon and Qwest all claim UNE-P is sold at rates below cost and provides high profits to CLECs. All of these companies are concerned about the loss of access lines and the attendant […]

RESELLER CHANNEL: WorldCom Ditches Wireless Resale

Posted: 09/2002 WorldCom Ditches Wireless Resale By Josh Long THE NO. 1 WIRELESS RESELLER is calling it quits. WorldCom Inc. disclosed in June it would exit the wireless resale business, referring its 2 million customers to underlying carriers the company had used. Even prior to filing for Chapter 11 protection in July, the carrier was […]

Trading Post

Posted: 01/2001 Trading Post What Does an Online Exchange Do? While most offer quality metrics, billing services and clearinghouse functions, each exchange has a very different solution to each of these components. The big value-add common to most exchanges is that with a single connection, telecommunications products can be purchased at the best market rate […]

MCI WorldCom Vows to Compete for’All-Distance’ Market in New York

Posted: 03/2000 MCI WorldCom Vows to Compete for ‘All-Distance’ Market in New York BY LIZ MONTALBANO Although regulators have not approved the planned merger between MCI WorldCom Inc. ( and Sprint Corp. ( yet, the former already pledges the combined company will compete head-to-head with Bell Atlantic Corp. ( in New York for the "all-distance" […]

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