Live From Kenya

By Michael Fair, MarketRace  Jambo!, or Hello!, from Nairobi, Kenya. Wow, this has been quite the experience both personally and from a business perspective. Nairobi is a vibrant, multicultural city and my business trip (which did include a weekend safari) to visit KenCall, the largest call center in eastern Africa, has been very eye opening […]

What Users Want

A FEW YEARS AGO, Mel Gibson did a movie called What Women Want, where through one of those accidents that only happens in the movies, his chronic womanizing character suddenly was able to read the minds of every woman he encountered. While at first he saw it as a bonanza in continuing his philandering ways, […]

The Great VoIP Migration: Where Are We,Where Are We Going?

Is the VoIP migration just beginning or well on its way? And, if youre not already packing your bags, is it too late? This session will provide perspective on the progress of the migration to VoIP and the challenges service providers have faced in making that migration. David Dyas, director of VoIP services at Mpower […]

Panel Explains Why Mobility Matters

If youre new to selling wireless, or are only selling wireless voice to consumers, you may be missing a big opportunity. Its time to add wireless to your portfolio, and todays panel will tell you why. For the first time, enterprises will spend more for wireless voice service than on wireline in 2006, according to […]

MetTel Rolls out VoIP Services

Metropolitan Telecommunications (MetTel) now offers hosted VoIP services thanks to help from UTC Associates Inc., which developed and implemented the companys VoIP product line. Using a BroadSoft Inc. platform, MetTel has rolled out IP services to select clients in New York and New Jersey, and plans to expand its coverage throughout 2006. MetTel is a […]

The Analyst Corner – The Business Value in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

The Business Value in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance By Rob Daly, President & CEO of Bluespring Software No doubt, most public communications service providers are scrambling towards the looming June 15 deadline for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, as required by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Teams have been formed, processes have been documented and internal controls […]

In Search of a Cost-Effective Alternative to Optical Switching

Posted: 12/2003 Perspective: In Search of a Cost-Effective Alternative to Optical Switching By Lynne Craver Industry conversations and trade publications are full of laments about the lack of realistic options for cost-efficient optical switching, particularly in key metro markets. Interconnect costs, combined with the high price of labor associated with the installation of patch facilities […]

Soap Box – Voice Agent Survival 101

Posted: 04/2001 Soap Box Voice Agent Survival 101 Crossing Over While Maintaining Perspective By Brad Miehl Today’s telecom agent is under pressure–a lot of pressure. The carriers and the press talking about the doom and gloom of voice business are hitting them from all directions. If a traditional voice agent is to survive, he or […]

From Inside-Out: A Different Perspective on Customer Service

Posted: 11/1998 From Inside-Out: A Different Perspective on Customer Service By Spencer Perry MIS and engineering leaders are probably the champions of TMN in most enterprises … if any champions exist at all. The financial, marketing and executive leadership needs to understand and support TMN deployment to make it happen and ultimately derive the competitive […]

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