Meet 6 Women Channel Leaders

Six women channel leaders share their stories about getting started, their experiences as businesswomen and the mentors and collaborators who have helped them along the way.

Personality+: RedSkys Stephen Lavin Ollie Over Again

Solution provider RedSky Technologies Inc.’s vice president of professional services, Stephen Lavin, said police officers are usually surprised when they have to ask this 47-year-old to take his skateboard and leave places where skating is banned; but Stephen (aka “Topsider”) wants to skate every chance he can get, and why not? Stephen is a decorated […]

Personality+: Joe Gomez Acting With Authority

When the daily ups and downs of the telecom industry get a little hectic, W. Lange And Company Inc.’s Joe Gomez forgoes gardening, the golf course and the gym for what he says is some real stress relief — hunting criminals, dodging bullets and joining in on high-speed pursuits. Joe with wife, Angelica, and daughter, […]

Level 3 Stocks Drop on CFO News

Level 3 Communications Inc. shares fell nearly 9 percent by early afternoon on news that the company is looking for a new CFO. Level 3s stock was trading for $4.47, down 8.78 percent from the opening price of $4.75. CEO James Crowe said CFO Sunit Patel will remain with Level 3 during the transition period. […]

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