Nortel Pensioners Resigned to Their Fate

A former Nortel vice president is trying to collect 25,000 signatures via an online petition. Problem is, hes only been able to get 300 names in two weeks.

Nortel Pensioners Lose Benefits This Week

Adding to their ongoing struggles, Nortel pensioners and disabled workers saw a proposed $57 million deal with the company go up in smoke. Late Friday, an Ontario judge threw it out. Judge Geoffrey Morawetz of Ontario Superior Court said the agreement was flawed and not fair to others who are still seeking money from the […]

Nortel Makes $57M Deal With Pensioners

Former Nortel Networks workers who feared they’d lose their company-covered benefits by March 31 will continue to get coverage through the end of the year, in a deal announced on Monday. Bankrupt Nortel negotiated the $57 million deal with groups representing the ex-employees. The agreement impacts tens of thousands of pensioners, long-term disability recipients and […]

Nortel Pensioners Ask Canada to Protect Their Assets

Nortel Networks pensioners in Canada aren’t giving up on their quest for a government rescue and protection of their retirement funds. Bankrupt Nortel is giving ex-workers no guarantees that their benefits will be available – and that’s particularly hard on the company’s elderly, disabled and otherwise-vulnerable former employees. So, on Wednesday, ex-staff took matters into […]

Heartless Nortel: Wife Berates Execs for Ignoring Husbands Career

Nortel can afford to hand out millions of dollars in bonuses while in bankruptcy, but it apparently can’t be bothered to acknowledge the milestone of an average worker’s 30-year career with the company. Executives of the insolvent telecom equipment maker recently received – who knows if they actually read – a letter from “A Proud […]

Nortel: How a Fabled Company Fell So Far

Everyones wondering how exactly Nortel got to where it stands now: bankrupt and losing its reputation, not to mention money. Find out what several Nortel observers from analysts to former employees think of the companys downfall and its future.

Nortel CEO: We Will Help Current Employees

One week after choosing to decline an invitation from Canada’s House of Commons, Nortel CEO Mike Zafirovski made a mandatory appearance before lawmakers in Ottawa this morning. Zafirovski told them it was a difficult decision not to hand out severance packages to employees the company laid off during bankruptcy proceedings, but he stressed that he […]

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