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Hosted IP PBX and SIP: Offense beats Defense

Brian Twomey, President, TNCI Its a virtual certainty that over the next several years IP PBX technology is likely to dominate the commercial services market and with it the revenue growth opportunity for us all. One camp would have us believe that we need to drop everything that were doing and make it our primary […]

Hosted VoIP Where is the Channel for this Product?

By Ian Kieninger, CDW Yes, I agree this stuff is hot. I may even agree with IDCs forecast of this market exceeding $450 million in 2008. However, I am still trying to figure out who is going to drive this revenue? Lets start with the traditional agent. These are the ex-telecom guys who love slinging […]

WTG Throws Happenin Holiday Bash

Editor’s note: Thanks to Jacy Shillan, we got the scoop on WTG’s holiday party! Want to tell us about yours? Send an e-mail to Master agency World Telecom Group (WTG) held its Eighth Annual Holiday Party on Dec. 7. Nearly 80 WTG agents and sponsor guests flocked to the Marriott in Manhattan Beach, Calif., […]

Looking Back and a Little Ahead

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO It’s December and time to look back at 2007. The FCC gave out an early holiday gift to CLECs and consumers by not giving Verizon its six-city forbearance. COMPTEL ended the year by picking a CEO and president after Earl Comstock resigned back in May. Its board is now made up […]

Hosted IP PBX . . . Who Cares ????

By Ted Schuman, CEO, PlanetOne Communications First and foremost, I think we would all agree that hosted IP PBX technology will eventually dominate our landscape but I am so tired of getting calls from Wanna Be Providers pitching me on their latest and greatest and why I need to distribute their products at PlanetOne. Aside […]

OK, Heres the Scoop on WiMAX

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO It happened again today. People asking when WiMax will be rolled out to solve all of their problems. I had to explain what WiMax is. So here it is: 802.11 is a family of specs (a, b, g, n, s) for wireless LAN from the IEEE standards body. While Wi-Fi and […]

Peeling Away the Insulation

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO PHONE+ and xchange magazines have a variety of eBooks and Webinars available to industry for no charge. One sponsored by Verio, A Telco Survival Guide for the Web 2.0 World, is an interesting read. We live in an age where there is TOO much information. Information overload can happen. But there […]

I Get the Message: Target SMBs

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO In a week this was a sampling of the telecom headlines: RIM Targets SMBs With … Cisco Targets SMBs With UC Offers Intelliverse Steps Up SMB UC With … At VON, Nortel Unveils SMB VoIP Offerings Survey Sez: Watch For More SMB Tech Investment We get it: Target SMBs. But, when […]

Customer Relationships Require a Little More Attention

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO On Tom Peters blog, in a guest post, Steve asks: “In an age of interchangeable products and easily duplicated services, customer relationships have become one of the most powerful competitive advantages available to a business. Do you agree? “We all want our customers to believe I can’t get it anywhere else […]

Preserving Competition

By Charles Cary, vice president of small business services, XO Communications Competition fosters innovation and affordable prices. In telecom, lawmakers passed the Telecom Act of 1996 to promote competition. Given the subsequent drop in rates, the increase in innovation and the many new consumer and business services since then, any reasonable person would claim the […]

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