Posted: 08/2002 All in Good Time Costs, Soft Economy Slow IP PBX Adoption By Josh Long THE SOFT ECONOMY AND technological challenges have stymied widespread adoption of IP telephony during the last few years, but experts say businesses that need to replace their legacy phone gear eventually will incorporate converged voice and data systems, including […]


Posted: 05/2002 Plug-and-play Collaboration Appliance Maker Offers Alternative to Outsourcing, Proprietary Hardware By Khali HendersonDAVID FRIEND WANTS to redefine how conferencing solutions are deployed. The 20-year telecom entrepreneur hopes to do that with his latest venture – Sonexis Inc. Before co-founding Sonexis in 1999, Friend was chairman and co-founder of FaxNet Corp., a supplier of […]

Push 0+ for Profit

Posted: 08/1999 Push 0+ for Profit By Jay Lewis Many agents have overlooked selling operator services–a service that can still generate high commissions in the days of falling long distance rates. Operator services are not just for hotels and hospitals; they can be sold to more common business clients to whom agents already are selling […]

IP Centrex Breaks Out of CO Box

Posted: 07/1999 IP Centrex Breaks Out of CO Box By Charlotte Wolter An IP Centrex system can be located almost anywhere in a network, and it can serve any number of remoteoffices seamlessly. One of the most distinct characteristics of the Internet is that it breaks down barriers of distance in networks–makes them irrelevant, in […]

What’s at the End of the Pipe: A Primer

Posted: 02/1999 What’s at the End of the Pipe: A Primer By Kieren McCobb Most telecommunications services marketed by agents plug into some type of voice or data equipment, or "box." The agent who wishes to stay in business and grow needs to know and understand these systems. The following is a primer explaining the […]

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