TCAST Unleashes Trio of New Services

TCAST Communications Inc. (Booth 1514), a facilities-based CLEC and long-distance service provider to both wholesale and retail customers, has expanded its product set with the introduction of three new products. The company now offers a carrier access product that enables TCASTs carrier customers to make use of TCASTs extensive Feature Group D network throughout Arizona, […]

New Rules and Regulations on DAC … Again

Posted: 12/2003 New Rules and Regulations on DAC … Again By Tara Seals The latest chapter in the ongoing story of dialaround compensation (DAC) unfolded Sept. 30, when the FCC handed down new rules concerning the compensation of payphone service providers (PSPs) for coinless calls. This time the order targets switch-based resellers, whose ranks include […]

Business News – Payphone Providers Find Themselves A Dying Breed

Posted: 04/2001 Payphone Providers Find Themselves A Dying Breed By Josh Long Paul Chen needs to find a new line of work, if he can just get out of the old line with his shirt still on. Few people in Chinatown and elsewhere are making calls on the 200 or so payphones Chen operates in […]

Regulatory News – FCC’s Payphone Payment Plan Stands

Posted:  09/2000 FCC’s Payphone Payment Plan Stands By Kim Sunderland The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ( has upheld the FCC’s ( “Per Call Compensation Plan” rate calculation of 24 cents per call.The ruling effectively resolves challenges to the FCC’s third order on this issue, which last year developed and adjusted […]

Business News – High Payphone Costs Rock the Big House

Posted: 09/2000 High Payphone Costs Rock the Big House By Kim Sunderland Class action lawsuits filed in seven states allege that high prison payphone and collect calling rates are robbing blind the people prisoners are calling.In a classic story reminiscent of “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” attorneys contend the higher rates are fueled partly by […]

Collection Challenge Stymies Payphone Potential

Posted: 09/2000 Collection Challenge Stymies Payphone Potential By Vincent Sandusky Someday soon, almost everyone, from mainstream consumers to high-end businesspeople, will have the opportunity to fulfill nearly any telecommunications need, from buying a movie ticket to participating in a videoconference, just about anywhere. And they will be able to do this with a high-tech device […]

Business News – A Future Not Quite Like the Past

Posted: 07/2000 APCC 2000 Conference NewsPayphones: A Future Not Quite Like the Past By James R. Dukart Woe is the payphone industry, right?It should come as no surprise to industry observers that the public communications industry, faced with steadily increasing nationwide wireless penetration, feels a bit under siege lately.Facing the dual specter of falling coin […]

Business News – U S Telebrokers, TELSTAR Name Davel in Lawsuit

Posted: 06/2000 U S Telebrokers, TELSTAR Name Davel in Lawsuit By Tara Seals Master agents U S Telebrokers, Inc. ( and TELSTAR have filed a joint lawsuit in a Los Angeles District Court, charging Davel Communications Group Inc. ( and its subsidiary, Telaleasing Enterprises Inc., with breach of contract as well as breach of good […]

Resale Channel: NEWS BRIEFS

Posted: 04/2000 NEWS BRIEFS * Teltrust, Inc., ( a provider of wholesale telecommunications services, has been awarded a multi-year contract with California-based G-Five LLC ( Under the terms, Teltrust will provide a variety of telecom services including operator services, national directory assistance, payphone refund and repair services and direct-dial services.The agreement combines the cooperative […]


IN-BOX Perfect Timing I am a distributor of prepaid phone cards in Baltimore, Md. My volume is high enough that I decided to make my own cards. I’m right now searching for carriers and so on. The timing of PHONE+ Prepaid (March issue) couldn’t have been better. Thank you. William Z. Rivkin Conquest Communications Pulsating […]

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