Verizon Promotes Exec to Federal Regulatory Team

Verizon Communications Inc. on Tuesday named David Young, an executive who has overseen Internet and technology policy, as vice president of federal regulatory affairs. He will be responsible for the development and analysis of intercarrier compensation and interconnection proposals for evolving communications platforms, Verizon said. Young assumes the position at a time when federal regulators […]

FCC Says AT&T Avoids Millions of Dollars in Payments

In a case involving prepaid calling cards, federal regulators on Wednesday said AT&T Corp. unlawfully avoided paying millions of dollars in connection fees and universal service contributions that subsidize telecommunications services across the country. FCC Chairman Michael Powell said the $160 million AT&T avoided in universal service contributions on enhanced prepaid calling cards since 1999 […]

Mpower Announces Promo Doubling Upfront Payments

Mpower Communications Corp. (Booth 607) has announced a new promotion doubling the upfront payment to agents selling T1, PRI and trunk products. Provided agents meet minimum revenue requirements, they can earn upfront payments of up to 233 percent of monthly recurring revenue, plus an additional 125 percent of long-distance usage, according to Rochester, N.Y.-based Mpower. […]

Show Them the Money

Stacey Pompei, Esq., will address agents as she leads today’s Industry Update workshop on contracts. The lone panelist, she emphatically states that she will talk to channel partners about money, and what to expect, demand and avoid, because income is of top concern to most people, and to channel partners in particular. "I am going […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: industry news

Posted: 3/2004 industry news Study: Telecom Success Just Beginning for Prepaid New research from TowerGroup finds prepaid services are in the early stages of a long-term expansion that will affect consumer, business and government use of cash and check payments. TowerGroup believes the early success of prepaid applications in closed environments like telecom and retail […]

Who Is Minding the Store?

Posted: 11/2003 Who Is Minding the Store? Study Reveals Changes in Channel Mix, Compensation Strategies By Gary Lawrence and Mike MacManus Sales have been and will continue to be the lifeblood of the telecommunications industry. However, companies are relying more and more on outsourced agents to grow their businesses and take care of their customers. […]


Posted: 10/2003 TARGUSinfo UNVEILS IDENTIFICATION TOOL FOR UNBILLABLES TARGUSinfo has enhanced its TelcoExpress subscription-based service to allow service providers to identify unbillable accounts, or LEC Code 50 Rejects, which are the records bounced back by the RBOCs for accounts they no longer serve. TelcoExpress users can prescreen transactions through an IP connection to TARGUSinfo. The […]

Quicker Cash Quicker Cash

Posted: 7/2003 Quicker Cash Speed Payment Processing with Automated Lockbox By Ron Whaley When it comes to getting paid, everyone would like faster access to their money. Telecom companies are no different. Their problem is that manually processing customer payments can be tedious and time-consuming. However, many carriers are now finding relief from an automated […]

Double Check

Posted: 5/2003 Double Check Some New FTC Telesales Rules May Apply to Telecom Providers By Jim Veilleux Telecom companies that think they are exempt from the Federal Trade Commission’s new Telephone Sales Rule, which went into effect at the end of March, need to double check. There are at least two ways in which the […]

Exchanges Offer Alternative to Costly Wholesale Billing

Posted: 07/2002 Exchanges Offer Alternative to Costly Wholesale Billing By David Sumka SHAREHOLDERS ARE DEMANDING that after years of unprecedented expansion telecom deliver the profits promised in their business plans. This demand comes at a time when customers are cutting back on their spending. In this environment, carriers are exploring all methods to reduce costs […]

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