Multi-Tech Solution Rated Avaya-Compliant

Multi-Tech Systems Inc., a supplier of data communications and telecommunications solutions, on Thursday announced its FaxFinder Fax Server Appliance is compliant with IP Office solutions for SMBs from Avaya Inc., a provider of business communications applications, systems and services. By connecting to analog ports of a PBX, Multi-Tech Systems’ FaxFinder appliance converts faxes to TIFF […]

Collaborative: Beam Me Up: IM Visits the Enterprise

Posted: 5/2003 Beam Me Up: IM Visits the Enterprise By Tara Seals The real-time, private, advertising-free chat capability known as instant messaging (IM) long has been trapped on Planet Youth — for teenagers and college kids it’s as natural as speaking aloud. Service providers now are looking to beam the tool up to the enterprise. […]

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