Nortel Might Have a Future

Even as Nortel Networks gets ready to spin off its wireless and enterprise business units, evidence has emerged that the bankrupt giant has a path to remaining a viable company. And what, might you ask, is the magic elixir for weathering bankruptcy and the spinoffs of its most lucrative lines of business? In a word: […]

Roundtable: Patent Infringement Lawsuits

On the increase in VoIP and content delivery network patent-infringement suits “One would hope theyre not using intellectual property solely to get rid of a competitor but not offer those services themselves.” Douglas Roth, ipCapital Group senior manager “One thing I think entrepreneurs and startups are going to need to increasingly take into account is […]

Qualcomm Responds to Latest Broadcom Patent Loss

Qualcomm Inc. said it will offer workaround technology for some WCDMA cell phone chips after a court ruled Monday that the company stop selling or making the technology that infringes on three Broadcom Corp. patents. Qualcomm also said Wednesday it will look at its legal options and ask the court to clarify some aspects of […]

Vonage Wants Review of Verizon Decision

Vonage Holdings Corp. said Wednesday it has filed a motion seeking a review of a U.S. appeals courts decision on a patent dispute with Verizon Communications Inc. The court upheld on Sept. 26 a verdict that Vonage infringed on two Verizon patents. It also remanded the verdict on a third patent and ordered a review […]

Vonage Guilty Again of Patent Infringement

For the second time this year, a jury has said Vonage Holdings Corp. infringed on patents. The jury found Tuesday in federal court in Kansas City, Kan., that Vonage infringed on six Sprint Nextel patents and ordered the VoIP leader pay $69.5 million. Vonage also has to pay Sprint a 5 percent royalty on future […]

Motorola Subsidiaries File Suit Against Aruba Technologies

Motorola Inc. Said Tuesday its subsidiary companies Symbol Technologies Inc. and Wireless Valley Communications Inc. have filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Aruba Networks Inc. The lawsuit, filed Monday in a Delaware court, addresses claims that Aruba infringed one patents related to WLAN communication technologies. Two of the patents relate to WLAN switching architecture technology. […]

Jury Finds Qualcomm Guilty of Patent Infringement

A federal jury on Tuesday found Qualcomm Inc. guilty of infringing on three patents owned by Broadcom Corp. The jury awarded Broadcom $19.6 million in damages and found that Qualcomms infringement was willful. The trial judge could decide to increase the damages award by up to three times the current amount. Qualcomm develops CDMA and […]

Vonage Wins Permanent Stay, Prepares for June 25 Hearing

Vonage Holdings Corp. is breathing a sigh of relief today as a federal appeals court said the embattled IP telephony provider may continue adding new subscribers. This was perhaps the best news Vonage has received in a while, and its stocks rose 38.4 percent in response, reaching $4 per share. Vonage in early March lost […]

I Know I Ramble, But…

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO I know I ramble on about telecom problems and issues and many of you are wondering how I got this gig. Well, I’ll start being more relevant right now. Almost every CLEC you sell for offers VoIP. You know those Dynamic T’s? VoIP. The new offering, Total-T, from Access Integrated – um, […]

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