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After Failed Negotiations, AT&T Sues Cox for Patent Infringement

Atlanta-based Cox, the cable operator offering services in 22 states, is accused of infringing on eight AT&T patents that all “relate to systems and methods for improving the quality and reducing the cost of telecommunications network services.”

Microsoft Co-Founder Sues Google, Apple, Pretty Much Everyone

Remember the 90s? Seinfeld reigned, everyone wore flannel and Britney Spears was a young, wholesome teenager. Times may have changed, but Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen says in some ways, when it comes to technology, they havent.

Patent Infringement Lovefest: ITC Tackles Apple-Nokia

The International Trade Commission has agreed to look into Apple’s complaint against phone-maker Nokia. The ITC is already looking into Nokia’s complaints about Apple, so we’ve come full circle. Apple says Nokia is violating patents by selling “certain mobile communications and computer devices and components” for which Apple claims to hold patents. An evidentiary hearing […]

Kodak: iPhone, BlackBerry Infringe on Patents

Kodak has filed a lawsuit against Research in Motion and Apple, arguing that iPhones and BlackBerrys that come equipped with cameras infringe on company patents relating to digital imaging technology. That suit was filed Thursday with the International Trade Commission. Two separate, but similar suits against Apple were filed in federal court in New York. […]

Nokia Files Patent Suit Against Apple Over iPhone

No. 1 mobile handset maker Nokia Corp. has filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc., claiming patent infringement by the iPhone. The Finnish giant filed the suit in the Federal District Court of Delaware, saying every iPhone model to date violates a full10 patents for security and encryption, the handling of wireless data and speech coding. […]

Microsoft Banned from Selling Word in the U.S.

In potentially troubling news for channel partners and operators offering smartphones as business productivity tools, Microsoft Corp. has been banned from selling or supporting some versions or Microsoft Word in the United States. The news comes just as Microsoft and Nokia announced plans to make the Office suite and collaboration offerings available on Nokia handsets. […]

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