… On the FCCs inaction regarding Verizon Communications Inc.s forbearance petition, and allowing the RBOCs business broadband offerings to be reclassified as information services… The commission is going to try to reach regulatory parity by removing regulations on the incumbent telephone companies rather than on applying new regulations on the cable companies.Kevin J. Martin, FCC […]

Broadband Deregulation on Shaky Ground

Posted: 12/2003 Broadband Deregulation on Shaky Ground Laywers: Cable-Modem Ruling Undercuts Parity Case By Josh Long Sue Ashdown, president of the American ISP Association, says a recent court ruling may compel the FCC to think twice about easing the rules requiring the countrys largest local phone companies to open their broadband networks for use by […]


Posted: 04/2002   Round Table … On the FCC’s NPRM reclassifying broadband services as information services and exempting them from common carriage regulation: “The chairman’s office told us to wait until we see the order before we jump to any conclusions, and we will. But I’m very troubled by this proceeding, because it could undermine […]

Lands of Opportunity

Posted: 05/1999 Lands of Opportunity Complaining has graduated from hobby to profession in this country. Our medicine is the most advanced in the world. Yet, it is the most expensive. Our cinema is the most prolific. Yet, our thespians are grossly overpaid. Our TV programming is the most varied. Yet, there are too many channels […]

IntraLATA Toll Dialing Parity:

Posted: 11/1998 IntraLATA Toll Dialing Parity: Last Bastion of the RBOCs By Ernest B. Kelly III Return with me now to late fall 1995, in the last days of the epic struggle to fashion the legislative compromises that eventually would result in the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. In drafting that bill, one […]

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