Leaked: All-Touchscreen webOS, Pre 3 Bound for Verizon

HP has the opportunity now to make webOS into a contender, but key to that will be carrier partnerships, marketing and smart form-factor development all aspects for which these leaks provide very interesting insight.

HP Rebrands webOS Platform, Soon Will Launch Palm Pre 2

HP has rebranded the Palm webOS platform, and soon will launch the Palm Pre 2. Theres an added just type” feature that lets users compose e-mail or start a Web search. Maybe we need to see this function in action because it sounds lame.

HP Saves Palm for $1.2B

Chalk up April 28, 2010, as the ending and beginning of Palm Inc. (PALM): The long-struggling smartphone maker has found a buyer. Thus, the bell tolls for the inventor of the personal device assistant; and yet, the deal resurrects the developer of the well-regarded WebOS platform. The news comes after weeks of rumors that Palm would […]

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