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Palm: Lenovo Appears to Be Only Remaining White Knight

Shares of Palm Inc. (PALM) remained inactive in after-hours trading Friday despite reports that the sinking smartphone maker really could have a white knight in Lenovo. Reuters said on Friday cell phone manufacturer HTC. However, the news service reported, PC maker Lenovo now tops the list of candidates to buy Palm; other potential purchasers are said […]

Palm Shares Tank on Exec Resignation, Sale Doubt

Shares of Palm Inc. (PALM) sank more than 12 percent on Monday as investors learned top exec Michael Abbott has resigned and a broker predicted the struggling company won’t be willing or able to sell itself. Palm said in a Friday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that Abbott, senior vice president of software and […]

Palm Rumor du Jour: Motorola, Nokia Also Possible Buyers

Ever since Reuters reported that Palm Inc. (PALM) is trying to sell to a stronger company, the names of possible buyers have been flinging around. The first two companies to come up were those of HTC, a cell phone maker, and Lenovo, a computer manufacturer. But now, investment bank Morgan Stanley says Motorola Inc. (MOT) or Nokia (NOK) […]

Palm Plummets on Wall Street as Sale Chatter Builds

Oh, the Palm Inc. (PALM) seesaw, the fickle ways of Wall Street. On Monday, the company’s shares closed up 17 percent on buyout talk. On Tuesday, the company’s shares closed down more than 14 percent, on buyout talk. The industry is rife with speculation that mobile phone maker [HTC or computer manufacturer Lenovo wants to buy […]

Palm Shares Close 17% Higher on Sale Talk

Shares of Palm Inc. (PALM) closed 17.05 percent higher, at $6.04, on Monday as news reports circulated that the smartphone maker has at last decided to sell to a stronger company. Talk of M&A on Palm’s part has swirled for several weeks. Palm, maker of the Pre and Pixi, once was the leader in smartphones and […]

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