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Palm on the Defensive: Pre Sales Met Expectations

Fresh off a report that sales of the Pre are a “disaster” in the U.K., Palm is saying hold the phone. Just last week, Carphone Warehouse and staff from exclusive U.K. carrier O2 claimed that sales of the smartphone were downright awful. But Palm has fired back at the report, saying, according to Web site […]

Palm Pre AT&T Release Date Leaked

*This story has been updated at the bottom of this page. AT&T customers who have been waiting to get their hands on a Palm Pre won’t have to wait much longer, according to a memo leaked to the tech Web site Engadget. The memo says that the Pre Plus will go on sale May 16, […]

HP Saves Palm for $1.2B

Chalk up April 28, 2010, as the ending and beginning of Palm Inc. (PALM): The long-struggling smartphone maker has found a buyer. Thus, the bell tolls for the inventor of the personal device assistant; and yet, the deal resurrects the developer of the well-regarded WebOS platform. The news comes after weeks of rumors that Palm would […]

Palm Pre, Pixi Just One Penny on Amazon

How low can you go? No, we’re not talking about Limbo, but the price of the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi via You can now order the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus from the online retailer for just one cent. That’s right, one penny. One Abe Lincoln on copper (well, […]

Palm Shares Close 17% Higher on Sale Talk

Shares of Palm Inc. (PALM) closed 17.05 percent higher, at $6.04, on Monday as news reports circulated that the smartphone maker has at last decided to sell to a stronger company. Talk of M&A on Palm’s part has swirled for several weeks. Palm, maker of the Pre and Pixi, once was the leader in smartphones and […]

Palm CEO Bummed Out But Confident

It hasn’t been an easy nine months for Palm. Its much-hyped comeback last spring started going downhill last summer when sales of the Pre on the Sprint network failed to impress, by most standards. Then, the Pre and its cousin, the Palm Pixi, also failed to catch on when they were made available through Verizon […]

Verizon Slashes Palm Pre, Pixi Prices Again

If you paid full price less than three months ago for a Palm Pre Plus or Pixi Plus on the Verizon Wireless network, you might not consider this to be good news. But if you’re in the market for one of these smartphones – or perhaps thought you’d wait until the price fell – your […]

iPhone, Droid Battle for Touchscreen Supremacy

When looking to buy a smartphone, you probably consider any number of factors. How many apps are available? How much does it cost? How good is the wireless network? Will my friends think I’m cool? You better not overlook something pretty obvious: How well does it work? Two different studies of touchscreen response recently have […]

AT&T To Sell Palm Pre, Palm Pixi

After much speculation, AT&T has made it official: The company will soon sell the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus. Palm hopes the added exposure will do for its company what previous deals with Verizon and Sprint failed to do — return it to prosperity. The company is reportedly in some dire straits, […]

Wall Street: Palm’s Survival Questioned

Palm’s stock price had fallen more than 26 percent by 2:30 ET Friday, raising questions on Wall Street about the future of the company. Some investors speculate that Palm will not be able to survive unless it is acquired. Recent rumors that AT&T will soon sell Palm smartphones aren’t helping the company’s fortunes. (And on […]

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