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Palm Pre Will Fail, Says Analyst

Amid giddy Palm Pre speculation, adoration and the creation of device-specific Web sites (that’s you, Everything Pre), comes a much more dismal viewpoint on the device’s fortunes. According to Collins Stewart analyst Ashok Kumar, Palm Inc. has reduced its production order of the device. Not to create a buzzy artificial shortage, mind you, but rather […]

Palm Pre Move Over: AT&T to Get Palm Eos

Move over Palm Pre, here comes something leaner. Well, slimmer, anyway. The scuttle is that Palm Inc. will be launching the Palm Eos smartphone, a second device based on the much-vaunted new webOS mobile operating system, on the AT&T Inc. network. And it’s skinny and awesome and stuff like that. Well, more specifically, the quad-band […]

Palm Mini-Pre Plans in the Works?

The Palm Inc. buzz-nugget known as the Palm Pre might be generating all kinds of excitement and speculation as to release date, but the vendor is reportedly also hard at work on its second act – a smaller version. Call it the Palm Pre Lite. Or as some say, the “Mini-Pre.” TechCrunch on Thursday cited […]

Pre Palm Pre Is Sprints Biggest Web Ad Push Ever

And you thought those Sprint TV ads with Dan Hesse seemed larger than life. Sprint says in this period leading up to the release of the Palm Pre, it’s launching its biggest Web advertising campaign ever. If you use Yahoo! as your search engine of choice, you may have already noticed Sprint’s presence there. Advertising […]

Palm Pre Will Cost Less Than iPhone to Build

By all accounts, Palm Inc. has a last chance to turn its ailing business around with the upcoming Palm Pre. But a new analysis by iSuppli reveals that even if the vendor doesn’t manage to sell a bunch, it can still make a bundle. That’s because the Pre will cost about $138 to build. iSuppli […]

Palm Pre Has Shipped, Tipster Says

The first transport carrying the Palm Pre is on its way to Louisville, Ky., according to a tipster. Whether this is puckish rumor-mongering, or the truth, we don’t know. But Tuesday morning an anonymous source called in a report to the aptly named “Everything Pre” Web site, claiming that the first shipment of Palm Inc.’s […]

Palm Pre to Sell for $150?

As potential customers eagerly await the release of the Palm Pre smartphone, forecasters are predicting how much it might cost. A report from Brighthand indicates it could be as low as $150. That’s $50 cheaper than the 8GB Apple iPhone. Of course, the quality comparisons of the two products are hard to make until the […]

AT&T Trash-Talks Palm Pre in Company Memo

A memo from AT&T to its employees reportedly pumps up the company’s own products while giving those salespeople a bunch of negative talking points regarding the Palm Pre. The Dallas Morning News reports that an AT&T spokesperson confirmed the memo is legit, and it’s common for the company to point out differences in products so […]

Palm Pre Training Begins at Sprint

Sprint-Nextel Corp. employees are getting training on the much-anticipated Palm Pre smartphone, signaling that a May-timeframe launch might not be far-fetched. “Employees can expect training to start in April as well as multiple communications to get them excited and ready to help our customers,” read an e-mail sent to Pre-devoted Web site PreThinking. It also […]

Palm to Investor: Zip Your Lip!

It’s one thing to pump up your product. It’s another to trash the market leader at the same time with little to back up your fightin’ words. That’s exactly what Palm (PALM) investor Roger McNamee did last week in an interview with Bloomberg. He said, “June 29, 2009, is the two-year anniversary of the first shipment […]

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