Palm Pre


HP Rebrands webOS Platform, Soon Will Launch Palm Pre 2

HP has rebranded the Palm webOS platform, and soon will launch the Palm Pre 2. Theres an added just type” feature that lets users compose e-mail or start a Web search. Maybe we need to see this function in action because it sounds lame.

Palm Pre: Spy-Like Flaw Makes It a Bugging Device

If youve become frustrated that your Palm Pre has been overshadowed by the likes of the iPhone and the Droid, heres something straight out of a James Bond film that could set your phone apart only, its not a good thing.

Sprint: The Pre Didnt Work Out

In one of the “no duh” statements of the year, Sprint’s chief financial officer told the Wall Street Journal that “the Palm Pre didn’t work out as well as we’d hoped.” But on a brighter note, in an investor conference Monday, Robert Brust said his company’s worst revenue declines are in the rearview mirror. Declines […]

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