Smartphone SOS

One of the main fears dealers have about selling wireless to businesses and one of the main headaches when they do is subscriber device tech support? This is especially true as more and more businesses enable mobile workers with smartphones. As mobile phones and other devices become increasingly complex, carriers and support technicians face a […]

Dont Walk Away From This Question

By Dan Baldwin, director of sales ATEL Communications Inc. Having a great prospect list and the lowest prices don’t help much if all your best prospects are in the middle of a long-term contract for their voice and data services. So what do you do to get your foot in the door and stay visible […]


Posted: 04/2002 No Pain, No Gain Local Service Agents Sweat the Small Stuff By Josh Long  A $100,000 SWITCHED LONG-DISTANCE customer base can evaporate in two years, under typical attrition rates. This is a primary reason why master agent Vince Bradley encourages subagents to sell businesses stickier services like local voice and data services.“A lot […]

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