App Store, T-Mobile Cameo: Wireless Worst of the Year

Are you rich? Do you want to be really obnoxious about it? At least eight people said not only yes, but hell yes over the summer by purchasing a $999 (that’s not a typo) iPhone application that allows them to put an icon on the device stating, you guessed it: “I am rich.” This tops […]

What Wall Streets Collapse Means for Telecom

Thanks to the Sept. 15 stock market crash, more than one long-time telecom professional probably is wheezing into a paper bag, trying to cope with flashbacks to the dot-com bust. Analysts say telecom’s okay for now, but that might not be the case in the next few months. Kelly Teal explores why deeper economic uncertainty, […]

Microsoft Still Waiting on Yahoo!

Microsoft Corp. still is waiting to hear from Yahoo! Inc. about its unsolicited takeover bid, announced last week. Yahoo!s not so keen on the idea, it seems. The Internet companys CEO Jerry Yang has made no public statements, although he did send an e-mail to employees on Feb. 6. our board is thoughtfully evaluating a […]

Apple Rebounds From AT&T News

Apple Inc. had the last laugh at the end of the week as its stock recovered from AT&T Inc.s iPhone sales hit and soared past the all-time high set on July 20. On Thursday afternoon, Apple shares were trading for $145.60, down from an earlier afternoon price of $147.18, but still surpassing last Fridays record […]

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