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Transitioning to SIP Trunking is a tactical decision in support of a strategic goal. And theres nothing wrong with that!

Telcos Fear & Loathing: Its Googles Fault

Googles growing force in mobile applications, free VoIP services, and particularly mobile operating systems with the hugely successful Android platform are all increasingly at odds with service providers plans to retain subscribers and sell higher-priced applications and services to them.

New Prepaid Customers Outnumber Postpaid for First Time

Reports from Ovum/Datamonitor and IDG show that the number of new prepaid wireless customers in the U.S. was more than the number of new, contract-based cell phone agreements for the first time ever in the fourth quarter of 2009. According to the most recent available quarterly data: New prepaid cell phone subscribers accounted for nearly two […]

Ovum: UC Implementation Growing Despite Tight Budgets

On the heels of a study that says the unified communications market will top $1 billion by 2013 comes new research that shows multinational corporations are upping the pace of UC implementation and integration, despite fierce budget constraints. This latest report comes from global advisory and consulting firm, Ovum, which says rollout has progressed painfully […]

Ovum: Service Providers Should Focus on the Channel

In a new report, telecom industry analyst Ovum says service providers have opportunities to succeed by focusing on the channel. Over the past two decades, Ovum says, broadband access has provided a good revenue source and has been highly profitable for many, but service providers have never really been able to take full advantage of […]

Ovum: Telecom Financial Deals Plummeted in Q4 08

Research firm Ovum released a report this week showing that telecom deals plummeted in 2008’s fourth quarter. There were only 129 mergers and acquisitions, compared to 192 a year earlier. A mere four deals totaled more than $1 billion – that’s measured against 10 such deals in the final quarter of 2007. Finally, IPOs dropped […]

App Store, T-Mobile Cameo: Wireless Worst of the Year

Are you rich? Do you want to be really obnoxious about it? At least eight people said not only yes, but hell yes over the summer by purchasing a $999 (that’s not a typo) iPhone application that allows them to put an icon on the device stating, you guessed it: “I am rich.” This tops […]

What Wall Streets Collapse Means for Telecom

Thanks to the Sept. 15 stock market crash, more than one long-time telecom professional probably is wheezing into a paper bag, trying to cope with flashbacks to the dot-com bust. Analysts say telecom’s okay for now, but that might not be the case in the next few months. Kelly Teal explores why deeper economic uncertainty, […]

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