Harry Newton If telecom transformations have your head spinning, you might need a new reference point, and Harry Newton has come to the rescue with the 22nd edition of Newtons Telecom Dictionary. The 1,040-pagetome includes 22,950 definitions, enough to satiate any telecom geek or neophyte. This time around, Newton also has included four bonus sections: […]

Shaw Answers the Call

Believe it or not, there was a U.S. town that, until two months ago, did not have phone service. Now, however, thanks to wireless provider Centennial Communications and the Louisiana Public Service Commission, rural Shaw, La., has entered the 21st century. Centennial erected two cellular towers near the town of just more than 70,000 people. […]

I Have the Power!

Georgia Tech has developed a microgenerator that produces enough power to run devices as small as cell phones. Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a microgenerator that produces enough power to run small electronics like cell phones. The microgenerator is about the size of a dime and delivers more energy and lasts 10 times longer […]


Posted: 10/2003 Overheard… The nature of the regulatory process tends to obscure rather than clarify the key dynamics. Regulations emerged in telecommunications to resist the anti-consumer tendencies of monopolies. The FCC order considers the risks of monopoly regarding analog Plain Old Telephone Service, but it ignores the long monopoly track record regarding broadband connectivity. Jeff […]


Posted: 8/2003 Overheard… "Since January 1 of 2002, U.S. taxpayers have shelled out millions of dollars to keep afloat WorldCom/MCI, which is the poster child for ’90s-style corporate corruption in America. These inappropriate and outrageous contracts include the $45 million ‘sweetheart’/no-bid job that WorldCom/MCI was handed to rebuild the Iraqi cell phone system." –Will Thomas, […]


Posted: 11/2002 Overheard… "I wish this company [would] just come clean with the Street regarding our guidance. This swap crap is going to kill us in the long run and I’m personally very fed up with this business case garbage." –In a Sept. 25, 2001, e-mail message from Global Crossing executive Joey Wong released by […]

Not Necessarily News

Posted: 04/2001 Not Necessarily News Overheard … … at CompTel’s 20th Anniversary Convention in Orlando … "If you compare what is happening today [because of the Telecom Act of 1996] with what happened with the long distance market … at the end of the day, competition will take hold. You can’t stop the operation of […]

Overheard …

Posted: 06/2000 Overheard …… discussing the future of local resale …“I think it is too early to say it will completely go away. But the LECs are slow moving. As different technologies push them, as DSL pushes them, integrated access pushes them on local access, as a lot of medium-sized and larger business markets push […]

Overheard …

Posted: 05/2000 Overheard …… at the AgENt Conference & Expo, March 26-28 in Las Vegas… “For agents affiliate marketing is the hottest, greatest thing on the web today. The two most powerful words that must be on your website: ‘CLICK HERE’” –Len Bailey is vice president of the synergyx.net (www.synergyx.net)Numbers GameThe CLECs will capture more […]

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